Movie Review : Saba Nayagan


.Ashok selvan ( saba )

.Karthiga muralidharan (Esha)

. chandini ( riya )

. mega akash (mega)

.Arun ( SS karthik)

.Jaiseelan ( dinesh )

.Sriram ( siva prakash )

. vivyasanth ( divya )

. sherlinseth (gayathri)

. Aneesh ( naveen )

. michael thangadurai ( vishnu)

. udumalapetta RAVI

. akshayaa hariharan ( preeti )

. bigboss bala ( ashwin )

. razz (reetu)

. manohar

. thulasi (saba mom)

. balamurugan (saba dad)

. shravanti

. reshmi nambiar

. baskaran


Direction - C. S. Karthikeyen

Music - leon james

DOP - balasubramaniem, dinesh purushothaman, prabu rhagav

Editor - ganesh siva

Sound design - uday Kumar

Colorist-shanmuga pandian

Stunt - billa jagan

Art director- G. C. Anandhan

Art assistant- shankar

Costume designer - nikitha nirajan

Costumer- selvam

Make up - mariyappan

Dubbing engineer & coordinator- muthu krishnan, vijayalakshmi

Dubbing artist- ashmini, monisha, keerthi, aishwarya murali, sharmila, aarti

VFX - hocus pocus ( santhakumar, karthi, siva)

SFX - renjith, saravana kumar, naresh kumar

Production Manager  - chelladurai, sivakumar, ramesh kumar, deventhiran

Production controller- loganathan

PRO - SathishKumar 

Publicity Designer - chandru

Executive producer - naushath palayathar

Production House : 

Clear water films

I cinema

Captain megavanan Isaivanan

Saba Nayagan, directed by debutant C S Karthikeyan, is a rib-tickling coming of age rom-com starring Ashok Selvan who shines in a humorous avatar.

In a nutshell the film is about Saba aka SP Arvind ( Ashok Selvan), and his journey in finding love,  from school to college and thereafter. As he undergoes love and heartbreaks, aided and supported by his loving child hood buddies and school friends, Saba reaches is on the verge of finally achieving his goal of uniting with a soulmate.

But, what does fate have in store? Does he achieve his goal after all ?

The film is a delightful watch right from the word go.  The way director Karthikeyan has painstakingly built each character for the viewer, keeping us equally invested in what happens to them,  speaks volumes of his hardwork and  attention to detail, all of which is clear in every scene and pays off in the end, with a surprise climax and all loose ends tied up neatly. 

His casting is superb, right from Ashok Selvan to every one of the friends and leading ladies and supporting cast. Ashok's penchant for comedy makes for delightful viewing and is a highlight of the film. Ample space is given to every actor to perform, ask of which adds to the overall effect of the movie. 

The humor is clean, ( a thoughtful touch where the actors are shown drink soft drinks instead of the usual alcohol), and every joke lands superbly.

The screenplay leaves lots of room for suspense which keeps the viewer on tenterhooks about what's in store. 

The presence and performance of the late Mayilsamy is another highlight of the film. 

Leon James' music and peppy numbers are a big plus. The visuals are charming, the making is contemporary, dialogues crisp and witty, in situations that are interestingly conceptualised and handled. Every actor seems to have given his or her best and this shows in the final outcome. 

Both school and college goers, and family audiences alike, will have a delightfully entertaining time with this not-to-be-missed rom-com! In theatres from December 22nd.

Rating 4/5

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