Movie Review : Salaar The Ceasefire


Prabhas- Deva/ Salaar

Prithviraj Sukumaran - Vardharaja/ Vardha Mannar

Shruti Haasan -Aadhya

Jagapathi Babu - Raja Mannar

Bobby Simha- Bhaarava

Eswari Rao - Deva's Mother

Sriya Reddy - Radha Rama Mannar

John Vijay -Ranga

Mime Gopi- Bilal


Written & Directed by - Prashanth Neel

Based on - Ugramm

Music- Ravi Basrur

Cinematography- Bhuvan Gowda

Editor - Ujwal Kulkarni

Producer -Vijay Kiragandur

Production- Hombale Films

Tamilnadu Release - Red Giant Movies

The most awaited Salaar The Ceasefire from the KGF director Prashanth Neel, starring Prabhas, Prithviraj and Sruthi Haasan, released today, December 22nd in theatres in several Indian languages.

The story  is set mainly in the kingdom of Khansaar, tucked away in Western India, founded over a 1000 years ago, ruled by the local chieftain Raja Mannar ( Jagapathi Babu) and his clan who wiped out  another rival clan in order to rule without opposition, and f who follows a constitution  of it's own.  The powerfu clan  controls most of the illegal trade in the country and is most feared and thus left untouched by the law. 

Deva ( Prabhas) who has left Khansaar as a teen with his mother, is the childhood friend of Vardha Mannar ( Prihviraj) the heir apparent, and will do anything to protect his  friend.  So when Vardha's future  is in danger due to an uprising in the kingdom, he summons his Salaar ( Prabhas aka Deva) for help. 

Why did Deva leave Khansaar? What happens after he returns this time? Is his life in danger? Can he save his friend? What hidden secrets of the past come tumbling out? That forms the story and more answers, are promised in the sequel announed at the end.

Salaar is a finely  mounted saga, best watched on the large silver screen,  with its breathtaking visuals and fantastic sets, which include grand armies,  humungous palaces (kudos to the camera and art departments), innumerable characters , looking every bit their part, thanks to well chosen actors who deliver superb performances ( Eswari Rao, Mime Gopi, Sriya Reddy, Bobby Simha to name a few) bringing instant credibility to their roles and drawing you into their world. 

Prabhas is in full glory in an action avatar, his physique, fists and eyes doing all the talking.  Prithviraj as Vardha brings the gravitas and regal quality to his chatacter and their bond which is the mainstay of the film,  is superbly  brought out.

The palace intrigues, the Anbariv choreographed superb action scenes  (though bloody and gory) and the slow but stready unravelling of a layered story, keep you hooked. 

Though the film seems lengthy, the complicated story and the intro to the various characters seemed to need that kind of time for part 1. One has to watch with full attention in order to get things right, which may seem a tad of an effort for those looking for quick answers. Prashanth seems to have taken his time to lead up to the big reveal in the end,  which all seems worth the wait. 

Ravi Basrur's bgm is powerful but can seems unnerving to some due to the continuous nature of the loud sounds. But the power the notes pack into the story make them seem needed. However there are no really hummable songs that leave a mark. 

Shruthi Haasan makes her presence felt in a key turning point and puts her best foot forward. Eswari Rao delivers a powerful performance as the mother who fears for her son's  life. 

Though the story proceeds slowly, there are many  emotional highs and powerful and  suspenseful action blocks that keep you hooked. The mass moments with Prabhas at the centre of it all are many. 

The dark shades of grey are a recurring palette which may not be everyone's cup of tea. The story moves across many states in the country and seems to give off the pan Indian vibe in the screenplay itself. 

Salaar, set on a giant canvas, with its unusual premise of a fantasy kingdom, ruled by power hungry criminal clans, top notch performances, a core tale of undying friendship with suspense, action, emotions, whistle worthy mass scenes and superb casting, is well worth all the hype for Prabhas and Prashanth Neel fans and for lovers of the fantasy -action revenge drama genre. In short, Salaar seems a grand labour of love, that deserves a watch.  

Rating 3.75 / 5

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