Movie Review: Adhomugam


HERO - S.P Siddarth - Martin 

HEROINE - Chaitanya Pratap-  Leena Mahadevan

GUEST ROLE - Indrajit  - Arun Pandiyan

SECOND LEAD - Paul - Ananth Nag 

CHARACTER ARTIST - Surya- Sarithiran 




Cinematography -  Arun Vijaykumar

MUSIC - Manikandan Murali


EDITING - Vishnu Vijayan

PRODUCER - Reel Petti

CO-PRODUCER - Anto Sujan T.Francis

CO-PRODUCER - Venky Nani


EXECUTIVE PRODUCER - Vignesh Ravichandran

A story with unexpected twists all the way, Adhomugam is all about hidden layers and the masks people hide behind to camouflage their intentions. 

Martin ( SP Siddharth) manages a large tea estate in Ooty for his close friend Paul (Ananth Nag) who lives in Assam and has a 3000 acres estate. He is happily married to Leena ( Chaitanya Pratap). In this world enters a greedy estate owner who wants Martin to join his estate instead. But Martin refuses.

Around the same time, Martin instals a spyware in his wife's phone, in order to make  a video on her and surprise her for their anniversary.  But a big shock awaits him. 

What does he discover due to the spycam? How does his life turn completely upside down? Is he able to save himself and his marriage?

Several factors work in favor of the film. For starters, the story itself is an interesting one with twists that keep coming till the last frame.

The screenplay moves forward at a steady pace, without any redundant moments, and twists keep the curiosity levels high all through.

The dialogues are a big plus, in that the are crisp, well spaced out and used minimally, to advantage, with just the right use of expressions and tonality to convey the message.  The sheer unhurried pace of the screenplay is a highlight, which gives you ample time to engage with and invest in the characters, and feel for them. 

The sound quality is good,  with the bgm kept at just the right moments, without encroaching on key dialogues or drowning them out. The songs are melodious.

Stunt scenes are realistically filmed. The visuals are another plus,  superbly capturing the scenic hills,  weather and the beauty of Nature, in a way that allows you to enjoy the silences even amidst the suspense.

The convincing and realistic performances of the cast are another plus. Siddharth and Chaitanya give a commendable performance, bringing out the layers, of their characters bit by bit with a subtle and measured act.

The supporting cast has been well chosen, bringing credibility to their characters. 

On the flip side, there are instances which make you wonder how conveniently a few things happen,  but the overall effect of the film overshadows them.

Though the film is a thriller,  the absence of blood and gore, makes for a refreshing change.

With a gripping  storyline, superb narration, measured performances and ample twists that will surprise you at every turn, Adhomugam is a rivetting  suspense thriller from a talented team. 

Rating 3.5 / 5

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