Movie Review: Birthmark


1) Shabeer Kallarakkal
2) Mirnaa
3) Deepthie
4) Indirajith
5) Porkodi
6) PR Varalakahmi


1) Director: Vikram Shreedharan
2) Writer and Producer : Sriram Sivaraman, Vikram Shreedharan
3) Music Director: Vishal Chandrashekhar
4) Director of Photography: Udhay Thangavel
5) Production designer: Ramu Thangaraj
6) Editor: Iniyavan Pandiyan
7) Costume designer: Sruthi Kannath
8) Additional Screenplay writer: Anusuya Vasudevan
9) Sound Design: Sync Cinemas
10) Sound mixing: Aravind Menon
11) Colourist/DI : Prateek Mahesh
12) Visual effects : Fix it in Post Studio
13) Production Executive: Ravikumar
14) PRO: Suresh Chandra, Rekha D'one
15) Creative Producer: Sriram Sivaraman
16) Line Producer: Karthee Vel
17) Prosthetics: Vineesh Vijayan
18) Publicity Designer: Gautham J.
19) Assistant Directors: Tony Marshall, Surya Vijayakumar

An armyman ( Shabeer Kallarakkal) back from the Kargil war, takes his pregnant wife (Mirnaa) to a natural birthing village in a remote area.

There,  the couple encounter strange and new experiences, which force them to delve into their relationship, the flaws and strengths of their marriage and their own inner demons.

How do they adapt to the challenges they face there? Do they emerge stronger?

Director Vikram Shreedharan has chosen an unusual subject and for that he deserves kudos. 

The location and atmosphere created in keeping with the story transports you into the world of those characters in a way that makes you feel their emotions, fears, despair and hope.

The cast has done a commendable job. Shabeer yet again proves himself as an actor,  bringing out the stress and anxiety of a war hero and childhood traumas that haunt him in a subtle and layered performance.  

Mirnaa is the perfect foil with a subdued but effective performance as the troubled mom to be and wife, caught up in strange situations.

Together, the duo bring out the angst of their characters, superbly.

The supporting cast brings credbility to their roles with their performances.

The camerawork is excellent  as is the music and sound design, bringing out the subtlities of the scenes perfectly. The art department too deserves praise.

On the flip side, the movie which begins interestingly and piques your curiosity, tends to taper off with a slow down at times.  You expect the drama to lead somewhere but even as the drama begins to reach a crescendo, it doesnt establish an emotional connect with the characters at times.

The artistic quality and presentation of the film along its unusual subject however, does make it standout from its peers.

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