Movie Review: Madame Web

 CURTAIN RAISER –Based on a prominent character from the Marvel Comics, Madame Web, featuring Dakota Johnson in the title role, this is the 4th film in the Sony’s Spiderman Universe (SSU).

 This is a super hero(ine) film that showcases a standalone story of Madame Web elaborating on her action packed adventures laced with suspense and thrills.

SYNOPSIS –Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) is a paramedic based in Manhattan who comes to possess some specific super natural abilities to know what is in store in the future, soon after she meets with an accident.

In the present, when she stumbles upon something, it  leads her to know of an unknown facet, giving her access to the confines of the Spider Universe. 

She strikes a bond with three young women-Julia Cornwall (Sydney Sweeney), Mattie Franklin (Celeste O’ Connor) and Anya Corazon (Isabela Merced), who have significant roles to play in the forthcoming future.

 But there is a catch; those three girls have to survive from the clutches of the present where there is danger  in the form of Ezekiel Sims (Tahar Rahim), clad in  a black Spider-Man styled suit, whose mission is to hunt those three women as they pose a life threat to him. 

 Interestingly, he too can access the future. Cassandra has to save the three girls from the hands of this deadly adversary. How does she do so? What is the old secret she discovers in the process?


Dakota Johnson and the three girls do a neat job of the roles accorded to them.  While the supporting cast is minimal, they too do a stellar job of what's required. Tahir as the deadly killer is every inch the part. 

The film moves steadily forward but some may find it a tad slow, as incidents of deja vu are repeated from time to time and there is talking than action. 

The scenes in the Peru forest are intriguing. The brief action in the beginning, in the train, on the roads and the climax stunts stand out. 

The sound quality of the film is distinct and sort of takes you back in time to a different era. 

There is drama and intrigue, mystery and esoteric secrets with Dakota knitting it all together with a mesmerizing performance.

It explores well the power of free will versus destiny, and showcases the magic of choices in the realm of combatting the formidable.

Overall, a magical tour into the realms of the unknown within us all. 


Directed by-S.J.Clarkson (her directorial debut)

Based on the televise Based on Marvel Comics

 Cast- Cinematography – Mauro Fiore

Music-Johan Soderqvist

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