Movie Review: Idi Minnal Kadhal


Aran ( Ciby) is guilty of killing a man Ritesh Jain,  in a car accident, when he was on a romantic drive with his girlfriend Janani (Bhavya Trikha). Though Aran feels guilty and wants to confess to the cops, Janani stops him due to his impending trip to USA for a career, which will get hampered by any arrest. Their friend Raja ( Jagan) a car mechanic, helps them to repair the car involved and remove evidence.

When Abhishek, the teenage son of Ritesh hears of his death, he is devastated. He is looked after by a prostitute Anjali ( Yasmin Ponnappa) who lives nearby. 

Due to a series of events, involving a deadly villain who wants the the teen in return for the father's unpaid debt, Aran ends up rescuing Abhishek in a daring chase. 

But he is in for a huge surprise , when he discovers the link between Abhishek and the man dead in the accident.

What do Aran and Janani do next?  Does the teenager ( suffering from depression and  with violent fits of rage) find out who killed his father? Do the villains find his whereabouts? What is the story of Abhishek's parents?

Idi Minnal Kadhal at 132 minutes is a crisply narrated suspense thriller which moves at a steady pace. An unusul storyline with twists thrown in regularly  keeps things interesting right till the end. 

The locations are well chosen , the visuals are good and Sam C S's music fits into the story comfortably. 

There are no unnecessary deviations and the romance and humor is woven organically into the screenplay.

Jagan keeps things light with his witty rejoinders. Ciby lends the required gravitas to his role and along with the talented and beautiful Bhavya, the two make a good screen pair. Their chemistry,  dialogues and easy camaraderie add pep and credibility to the proceedings.

Yasmin Ponnappa leaves a solid impression as the gutsy woman with a kind heart and plays a pivotal role in the story. 

The villain Vincent Nakul give a chilling performance while Balaji Sakthivel brings credibility to his role.  Jay Adithya as Abhishek shines in the pivotal role especially with his emotional outbursts. Manoj Mullath at Ritesh brings out superbly the desperation and frustration of a man with flaws.

On the flip side there are few logical loopholes, some scenes seem longer than necessary (like the ones in the villain's farmhouse). Some aspects pertaining to a priest's role are not exactly clear. Few performances by supporting cast seem a tad amateurishly staged. There are lot of beeped out foul language expressions.

Overall, Idi Minnal Kadhal, is an attempt to tell a different kind of slice of life story than the usual, backed by good performances.

Rating 3/5

IDI MINNAL KADHAL - Cast & Crew Details



Bhavya Trikha

Yasmin Ponnappa

Radha Ravi

Balaji Shaktivel



Vincent Nakul

Manoj Mullath 


Written & Direction by: Balaji Madhavan 

Music: Sam CS

Original Background Score Sam CS

Dop: Jayachander Pinnamneni 

Executive Producer: JK

Editor: Anthony

Art Director: T. Balasubramanian

Singers: Kapil Kapilan, Malavika Sundar, Priyanka, Sam CS

Lyrics: Kabilan

Action Director: Stunner Sam

PRO: Diamond Babu - Sathish Kumar

Sound Design: Siddarth Dubey

Production house :  Pavaki Entertainment 

Producer: Jayachander Pinnamneni, Balaji Madhavan

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