Movie Review : Haraa

 Ram aka Ibrahim (Mic Mohan) is believed to be dead by a bomb blast. But actually he lives with his wife Nila ( Anumol) who dresses likes a widow to avoid suspicion  that he is actually alive.  But one day he is spotted on the road by cops who follow him.

In actuality he is in search for those responsible for his college going daughter Nimisha's suicide. A girl, Anithra, known to Nimisha, helps him under duress along with her friend Vamshi ( Kaushik Ram). 

Ram escapes the cops and continues with his mission. Ram discovers that his daughter was pregnant before she died. Now, aided  by Anithra ( Anithra Nair) he is on a mission to find out the cause of her suicide. 

His search leads him to a spurious medical racket headed by a politico and and industrislist (Vanitha Vijaykumar and Suresh Menon) and a human traficing network run by  swimming pool Sarala, who lures under age  girls and auctions them into  the flesh trade.

Does Ram succeed in avenging Nimisha's death? 

The film is a human drama and  emotional vigilante film  which explores several issues like human traficing and spurious medical drugs. The premise seems ok, that of a father wanting to avenge his daughter's death. But the manner of the making could have been better tweaked to keep interest levels high. 

While Mohan does a good job of his role bringing the right gravitas and sentiment to his role, it's a tad tough to accept him in action mode, keeping his softer image in mind.  While consummate performer Anumol does  good job,  the duo dont really click as a screen pair. 

Anithra Nair as the girl who helps Ram, leaves a mark with her performance as does Kaushik Ram who impresses as well. Newbie Santhosh as Darshan does well in his debut.

Though the screenplay has never a dull moment, several of the chases seems repetitive,attempts at humor with mottai rajendran  fall flat and deviate from the theme while scenes where  Ram attempts to shoot people freely without thinking of consequences dont seem credible. Yogi Babu is in a fleeting appearance for no reason in particular. Songs repeatedly showing the dad-daughter bond,  though well shot  dont add much value to the film.

The film goes on with too many villains extending the revenge saga, with the relief coming at the end, in  seemingly hurried portions of the screenplay.  The twist at the end seems to lose steam by the time the film gets to it. 


Mohan - Ram/Dhawood Ibrahim

Anumol - Nila

Yogibabu - Advocate

Kaushik Ram - Vamsi

Anitha Nair - Anithra

Charuhasan - Velu Nayakkar

Mottai Rajendran - Bullet Ravi

Suresh Menon - Nirav 

Vanitha VijayKumar - Vijaya Bhaskar

Mime Gopi - Dhawood Ibrahim

Aadhavan - Aadhavan

Singam Puli - Puli

Deepa - Judge

Mano Bala - Professor

Santhosh Prabakaran - Dharshan

Swathi - Nimisha


Director - Vijay Sri G

Music- Rashaanth Arwin

DOP Team -  Prakath Munusamy Manodinakaran, Mohan Kumar, Vijay Sri G 

Edit - Guna

Lyrics - Vijay Sri G

Produced by - Kovai SP Mohanraj 

Stunt - Vijay Sri G

PRO - Nikil Murukan

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