Vidharth starrer 'Laandhar' music and trailer launch event highlights

Directors Ravikumar, ARK Saravanan, Karthikeyan, Kanal Kannan, producer-actor P L Thenappan and others participated as special guests. The film's music was released by Poochi Murugan, Vice President of Nadigar Sangam along with special guests and the movie's crew.

Directed by Saji Saleem, 'Laandhar' stars Vidharth, Swetha Dorathi, Vipin, Sahana, Pasupathi Raj, Gajaraj and others. Gnana Soundar has done cinematography for this movie, while M. S. Praveen has composed the music. Bharath Vikraman handled the editing work and Kallai Deva art direction. Badhri and Shri Vishnu have produced this crime thriller under M Cinema Production banner.

Shri Vishnu, one of the producers of the film, welcomed all the guests and said, "We thank the special guests, film crew and media who accepted our invitation.  We started M Cinema and produced 'Laandhar' as our first venture. The film will hit the theaters on June 21. I request everyone to watch in theater and support."

Music composer of the film M. S. Praveen said, "On an Independence Day, when all the students were gathered in the school, teachers asked me to sing on stage in front of everyone. But I was not able to sing. A teacher encouraged me by saying, 'even if not today, someday you will sing well'. But I considered it a huge failure. Because, they trained me for one whole day to sing on and I got on the stage and came back without singing a single line. Because of this, I thought that I had nothing to do with music.

A few years later I was staying at the hostel. Then someone was playing an old harmonium. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to play. I said no, and I continued to listen to his performance. He played for a while and went out. Then I started playing the harmonium. My fingers automatically started playing the harmonium in tune with the devotional song being played in a nearby temple. It was only at that point I felt that I too could do. something in music. That was when my musical journey began. My parents said, 'Learn music. But never give up your studies.'

After completing college, I thought I could achieve something in music. It was then that he I became friends with lyricist Deva. We started making songs together. Then we started meeting film directors and asking for opportunities.

One day we met director Saji Saleem during the release of 'Ratsasan'. When we asked for an opportunity, he first listened to our songs. He listened a song on repeat mode and praised us. Appreciation is the energy to make an artiste perform better.

After that, many songs were created by Deva and me. Director Saji Saleem would listen to all the songs and share his views.

After six-years, he offered the opportunity to compose music for his directorial venture 'Laandhar'. When we composed the first song for the film and shared it with him, he gave us a smile and we knew we had hit it off. After that we composed four songs for the film. He gives importance to lyrics in every song.

Shri Vishnu helped in the music of the film. His little suggestions helped in making the songs better. I would like to thank him for this.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to producers and director who gave me the opportunity to make my debut as a music composer through this film".

The film's heroine Swetha Dorathi said, “Laandhar is a sign of night. This film has introduced me to many friends. I would like to thank the crew for this.

I am very happy to have got a producer like M Cinema. The cinematographer Gnana Soundar would work according to the vision of the director. There was so much of understanding between the director and cinematographer.

I have become a big fan of Praveen, the music composer of the film. I am thankful to lyricists Deva and Umadevi for providing lines in pure Tamil".

Director Ravikumar said, "First of all, I would like to congratulate all the crew members. This is the first film for almost everyone who worked on this movie. They have worked very hard. I wish the producer all success as this is his first film too.

Director Saleem worked as an auto driver for a living before entering the film industry. He was introduced to me as an auto driver. He was also introduced to me that he was trying his luck in cinema. He did the auto driving business honestly. Many newspapers have published news about his honesty along with his photo.

I was amazed at his efforts to succeed in cinema while holding on to his family. If anyone talks to him for half an hour, they will get so many stories. He will tell in detail about the different characters and the things required for the stories.

Thanks to actor Vidharth. He is a very easy going person who listens to the story and respects the feelings of even unknown directors. So a good friendship with him continues till today".

Vidharth said, "When the director said the protagonist is a policeman, I told him to give me three months' time to tone up my physique.

The film's director, cinematographer, art director and music composer are all newcomers. Lyricist Deva has a bright future. The producer of this film Badhri is a gem. Although he is a simple looking man, he is a great person. Thousands of people work for him. He is the one boss everyone loves. I pray to God that he will be successful because of his passion for cinema. Because if he gets success with 'Laandhar', he will continue to make films."

Director Saji Saleem said, "I have to thank my producer Badhri because he believed in the story, invested money and supported without any interruption. In this one year of working with him, my bank balance has gone up. Not only me but also the entire film crew had his caring warmth.

My father K. N. Mohammad Sharif used to buy me novels and encourage me to read when I was young. After that, he asked him to tell the stories I had read. After that, he asked me to write some stories and gave me training. Even though he is not here today, the training given by him has made me what I am today.

Before I looked for opportunities in the film industry, I asked my mother-in-law's permission. Because I left the family under her care and started looking for opportunities in movie industry. I was able to work in the film industry only because she was like my mother and protected the family.

I would like to thank my wife Sajitha Bhanu. I can repay others for their help in some way. But for me my wife sacrificed her life for fifteen years. I cannot return it in any way. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be able to stand on the stage and speak today.

My assistant directors worked hard to complete the shooting of this film in twenty three days. Thanks to the production crew who have been helping me continuously from the shoot till now.

Praveen, the film's music director, has fulfilled our expectations. He has given the songs and background music very well.

I would like to thank the whole team including cinematographer, editor, art director, lyricists, actors and actresses.

If the first-time directors get an experienced actor like Vidharth, the burden is reduced by fifty percent. Because he dedicates himself fully to the film. He blends into the character so convincingly and works with dedication.

I described him the character he would be playing in this film in just a few lines. But he came to the shooting spot better than I expected by changing himself to suit the character. I was amazed when I saw him. I thank him for this at this moment."

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