Quick Review : Ada De

Touted to be perhaps the first film in Kollywood to be shot entirely on a mobile phone, the film is a about a scientist who discovers a formula to turn metal into Gold.

How the formula falls into greedy hands and whether the scientist succeeds in protecting his find forms the story. In between there are secret agents, a comedian venteiloquist, and an organ trafickking gang amidst others, not to mention even a few aliens disguised as humans.

The director has also acted in the film. Shot on an Iphone, the film is indeed a commendable effort in using available technology and limited resources and merging  it with creativity for the  love of cinema. From the illeffects of greed to a message to protect the environment , the film has it all. However there are no female actors in the film which has action and comedy in  equal measure.

Direction, story, screenplay, dialogues and concept : Kamal Saromuni
Music: Rashaanth Arvind
Camera:Mayavan and Kamal Saramuni
Producers: Vijaymuralee , Kamal Saramuni

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