Quick Review : Rocky The Revenge

by Rinku Gupta

Rocky  The Revenge directed by KC Bokadia, centres around the loyalty of a dog named Rocky,  to his master, a cop, played by Srikant. When his owner is murdered by 2 corrupt collegues in cahoots with an MLA and his goons, Rocky witnesses the crime. He is heartbroken but is determined to take revenge. How he does so is the story.

The dog Rocky and his brother in the film have been well trained and directed to  convey the feelings of sadness and determination to avenge the master. The scenes where the two dogs work together to help Rocky seek vengeance has been well executed. The dogs who are at the centre of the story are made to execute thier parts in a manner that keeps up the interest.
The various vast locations add a sense of space and make the chase scenes interesting. For Srikant
 the role is a cakewalk and Eshanya as his wife does a credible job. Nasser as the top cop is well cast though there is not much for him to do.

The flip side is that there is not that the cops are not shown  doing much about the case with everything mostly being done by Rocky. The making seems dated with the villains, stunts and dialogues all giving a 90s feel to the film.
 Bramanandan looks smart as the sensitive dog trainer but there are hardly any laughs and his is a more serious role.
The overall aim seems to be to portray the loyalty and bonds between dog and his master and that the film manages to convey.

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