Quick Review : Sindhubadh

By Rinku Gupta
Coming from the artistic film Pannaiyarum Padminiyum director Arunkumar, Sindhubadh,  the next film of the Vijay Sethupathi- Arunkumar combo had raised a quiet curiostity.

The film centres around our hero( Vijay Sethupathi), a pickpocket con artist ( hard of hearing at times),  who falls in love with a girl from Malyasia  ( Anjali) who habitually talks loudly. Their synergies are made for each other but tragedy strikes and the duo are separated. Now, Sethupathi has to travel across the seas ( hence title perhaps of iconic traveler of folklore,  Sindbad) and find and rescue his lady love. How does he do it forms the story.

The romantic portions are well concieved with novel situations. Sethupathi's son Surya makes a good impact in his debut film. Anjali and Sethupathi hit it off well with thier screen romance. This is Arunkumar's attempt to weave in hi octane, larger than life action into the drama and some may not take to that aspect of the film, especially when expecting more in the histronics department than action rush from this filmmaker and hero combo. 

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