Review : DARBAR

By Rinku Gupta

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The hugely awaited Lyca Productions' Superstar Rajinikanth starrer Darbar, starring Nayanthara, Suneil Shetty, Yogi Babu ,Nivetha Thomas and Prateik Babbar has released today.  Directed by AR Mugadoss, the film is a cop story with a vendetta angle.

A top cop Aaditya Arunasalam ( Rajinikanth in superb form) is posted as the Mumbai Police Commissioner. Known as an encounter specialist,  he doesnt follow any rule book when fighting crime, especially drugs and human trafficking.  But when he eliminates Ajay Malhotra ( Prateik Babbar) in a drug related case, he earns the wrath of international criminal Hari Chopra ( Suneil Shetty) who is determined to wreak revenge. Arunasalam for his part is determined to exterminate the drug lord. What is the reason for their personal animosity ? Who wins this deadly cat and mouse game? At what cost ?

  • The film is a sheer delight for Thalaivar fans. Rajinikanth yet again proves why he is the inimitable Superstar. His sheer energy, swag and style is in displayed in full strength. Its a total celebration of Rajini, the star, in the film. Be it dance, romance,  stunts or comedy,  every scene with the Superstar is a delight to watch. The Rajini intro scene, the Chumma Kizhi song, the wedding dance number,  the comedy with Yogi Babu and the cute romantic track with a radiant, graceful and beautiful Nayanthara are some of the highlights. The way the age factor of Rajini has been incorporated into the story,  in  a  dignified manner ( in a crucial scene)and also with a humorous touch via Yogi Babu is a nice touch. It only enhances our admiration for the superstar's invincible energy and star power. Rajini's costumes and make -up team have done a solid job, making him look trendy and even more  stylish. Fans , watch out specially for the gym scene showing Rajini working out. 
  • One of the highlights is the father- daughter track. Nivetha Thomas excels with the way she  emotes and steals the show with a solid and very moving performance. Her  hair and costume team have done a fine job with her trendy look all through 
  • Nayanthara's presence lights up the screen every time she appears, but she is not given very much to do. Her costume,  make-up and hair teams deserve special mention. She looks classy and dignified  in every scene. I especially liked the coffee shop scenes of the duo for the tinge of humour with which the romance is portrayed. Nayan has a brilliant smile and its good to see her at her breathtaking best.

  • The racy screenplay and twists of the first half are quite engaging, with several humor, action and romance scenes. But the second half is not so promising. Some scenes are predictable.

  •  The much awaited confrontation between Bollywood's  villain Suneil Shetty and Super cop Rajini, doesn't  live up to expectations. Suneil Shetty is not shown in  as deadly a manner as  an international criminal with  with several countries' police trailing him, should be.
  • But scenes like the one with the Thailand cop imitating Rajini are touches which bring a smile.  
  •  With a thin plot, Darbar is a one- man show with Rajinkanth's sheer star-power, charisma, swag and energy  making it a celebration of the Superstar at 70 .
  •  Rating : 3.75 /5 Rajini star power all the way!

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