Review: Pattas

By Rinku Gupta

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Sathyajothi Films' Dhanush starrer Pattas is directed by Durai Senthil Kumar.

Dhanush plays a local thief,  Pattas aka Sakthi who lives in a slum area, with Sadhana ( Mehreen Pirzada) as his neighbour. During one of his thefts he unwittingly earns the wrath of Nilan ( Naveen Chandra) , the owner of a martial arts academy.  He also discovers his real mother Kanyakumari ( Sneha) who is out from jail (due to a murder in the past). Through her, he comes to learn that he is the son of  Thiraviyam Perumal ( Dhanush in a dual role), a proud exponent of the Adimurai martial arts form, which is an ancient art, rooted in Tamil soil.

Pattas discovers the cruel betrayal of Nilan in the killing of his father.  Fate gives him a chance to seek revenge and also uphold the cause of Adimurai, so dear to his father. Does Pattas manage to reach his goal?

  • Dhanush is in top form as the  older, agile and intense Adimurai exponent Thiraviyam ( gripping fight sequences with excellent stunt choreography) and lends it the dignity, passion and perfect body language suited for the role. As the son Pattas, he brings just the right amount of comedy, romance and vulnerability needed. His acting is a major reason to watch the film. 
  • A mother sentiment film done just right, with Sneha also playing a brave and capable Adimurai exponent and a coachto her son, apart from an emotional mother.  She excels in the emotional scenes with Dhanush as also in the stunt scenes accorded to her. 
  • Mehreen, in a meaty role, has been given something to do to help the hero in his journey of revenge, (as she works in the villains office) and is not just there for the song and dance. Though, the lip synch going off in certain places could have been avoided. 
  • The songs are well choreographed, especially the ones featuring Dhanush  senior and junior. The movements of Adimurai seem to be incorporated in the number featuring Thiraviyam Perumal, which is a good touch. 
  • The Adimurai angle is a highlight of the film,  and sets it apart especially in the way the stunts and emotions are handled, even though the plot is largely predictable and follows the usual father avenged by son angle. Watch out for the photos during the end credit roll. 

  • Small glitches and a predictable storyline apart, Pattas, ticks all the right boxes of sentiment, action, romance, comedy , drama and vendetta, with good performances, peppy songs and well choreographed  stunts, to make it a perfectly packaged commercial, festival outing for family audiences.
  • Rating 3/5

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