Triquetra short film release by 5 directors!

                Nallusamy Pictures is now producing short films with interesting contents directed by young talents. Producer Thai Saravanan has bankrolled 4 interesting hyperlink thrillers titled Triquetra directed by Ashok. 

            Triquetra is the word which represents life’s 4 corners. This Coimbatore based hyper link thriller is directed by Ashok Tamil, who is the former assistant of ace director Suseenthiran. This short film is the debut attempt for all the actors and technicians in this unit. 

     This shortfilm is released by ace directors Suseinthiran, Seenu Ramasamy, Durai Senthil kumar and Ram Prakash tomorrow 14 July at 11 am. Today, the First look of Trequetra got  tremendous response from audience.

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