Film Review : Akka Kuruvi

 Akka Kuruvi is touted to be an adaptation of the Iranian film Children Of Heaven in Tamil, directed by Mirugam fame Saamy.

Siblings Deva and Sara, kids of impoverished parents, go to school at different timings as the school runs on shifts. Between them, they have only one pair of shoes which they have to share everyday. This leads to many practical problems and unpleasant situations.

One day a school competition announces a pair of shoes as a prize. The kids who dont want to burden their parents, see this as an opportunity.  Deva is determined to practice hard and win the competition and thus the prize. Does he succeed?

 The child actors Maheen and Davya have done a good job, bringing out the innocence of childhood and braving their trials. A good supporting cast adds to the appeal.

The scenic beauty of the hilltown is beautifully captured  by Uppal Nayanar while Ilayaraja's score adds its own charm. Varsha Bollamma and Kathir make a cameo appearance for a romantic track.

An emotional journey, though laced with a doses of melodrama, Akka Kuruvi is a good attempt aimed  at family audiences. 


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