Film Review : Bakasuran

 Director Mohan G's Selvaraghavan, Natty and Tharakshi starrer Bakasuran hit theatres on Feb 17th.

The film focusses on issues such as the dangers of several apps on the mobile phone through which innocent girls can be exploited and  lured into the sex trade and how parents should keep an eye out on the activities of their children and their mobiles so as to prevent them from being exploited, and thus prevent possible suicides. Children in the other hand should be able to confide in their parents for which parents should build an amicable relationship of trust at home. To highlight these issues, Mohan G brings out the story of a folk artist Bhimarasu  (Selvaraghavan) who loses his innocent daughter ( Tharakshi) who commits suicide due to blackmail and sexual exploitation in her college campus. After police complaints dont work, Bhimarasu is hell bent on revenge.  Arul (Natty) a former armyman, now is a You Tube crime specialist who follows up this case, connected to several others suspicious suicides and exploitation of women. Is justice served?

The film with its neatly focussed handling of its main subject and message makes for a good watch.

The plight of innocent girls targetted and exploited and the role of the smartphone apps in this vortex, is aimed as an eye opener to society and is clearly brought out.

Apart from an item song there seem to be no deviations from the story and the sreenplay moves  at a steady pace. The first half has some rivetting dramatic moments that keep you glued. 

Selvaraghavan as Bhimaraasu has done a solid job if it while Natty looks the part and fits his role to a T. Tharakshi as Selva's daughter makes a solid debut as the innocent, earnest  girl caught up in the web of deceit. The scenes with her family are touching. T Rajan and  Radha Ravi are convincing.

The music by Sam CS is a highlight with the bgm elevating the film to another level. Songs like the one in the Siva temple and the family number, are resounding tracks that also make for good visuals. The camera and edit team also deserve kudos.

Mohan G has aced the casting even of the supporting actors who have performed realistically, adding to the film. 

Bakasuran, a well made watch, with a crisp  handling  and focus on a social message, narrated in a gripping  manner.

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