Film Review : Thiruvin Kural

 The Arulnithi starrer, Lyca Productions' thriller Thiruvin Kural, directed by Harish Prabhu, hit screens on April 14th.

Thiru ( Arulnithi), who lives with his father (Bharathi Raja), grandmom, sister and her daughter. He is to marry Bhavani ( Athmika) and all is well in his life. Thiru isspeech and hearing impaired  but can hear sounds that are near. He is prone to be short tempered and rises to the defence of women and children who are harassed.

But their happiness is shattered when Thiru's father meets with an accident and is admitted in a  government hospital. A series of strange events start happening. Thiru encounters a group of suspicious men who work in the hospital.  His suspicions are further aroused when his niece is in danger and strange incidents happen, endangering his  father's health. A series of crimes in the city seem to be linked to the suspects. Does Thiru manage to save his niece? Does he get to the culprits, who were after his father?

Arulnithi has once again taken up an unusual thriller and delivers a solid performance. Despite his inability to speak as the character, he delivers through his eyes, expressions and body language and shines in the stunt sequences.

One of the highlights of the thriller is the casting of its 4 villains, namely Ashraf as Aarumugam (Lift Man),AR Jeeva as Suresh (Ward Boy),Harish Somasundaram as Vinoth (Security Guard) and Mahendran as Santhan (Mortuary Man) and their superb performances.

whose body language and  evil deeds leave the viewer with chills. The film showcases the behind-the-scenes powerplay in hospitals.

However, many of those angles though dwelled upon,  leave you with few unanswered questions. The climax scene too seems to be a tad rushed through, without going into details as to how Thiru finally reached the remote location. 

Sam CS bgm raises the chills and thrilles. The chilling action blocks are rivetting.

Overall, Thiruvin Kural delivers, and is a good watch,  with superb performances, ample thrilling and bone chilling moments for lovers of the genre, an  interesting plot and storyline, a racy screenplay, no dull moments, twists, and superb casting. 

Bharathiraja as Marimuthu

Arulnithi as Thiru

Aathmika as Bhavani
Ashraf as Aarumugam (Lift Man)
AR Jeeva as Suresh (Ward Boy)
Harish Somasundaram as Vinoth (Security Guard)
Mahendran as Santhan (Mortuary Man)
Monekha as Sharmi
Subatra as Chithra
Subaitha as Hero’s Paati

Technical Crew -
Writer-Director - Harish Prabhu
DOP - Sinto Poduthas
Editor - Ganesh Siva
Music - Sam CS
Art - Thiyagarajan
Sound Design - Prathap
Sound Mixing - T. Udhaykumar (Knack Studios

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