Film Review: Music School

 Music School, starring Shriya Saran andSharman Joshi with Prakash Raj and others, produced and directed by Paparao Biyyala, hit screens on May 12th with music by Ilayaraaja.

The film is about an avid music teacher Mary ( Shriya Saran) who wants to change the lives of kids ( usually burdened by  homework and studies) and give them a taste of music and dance, adding magic in their lives.

But she is hampered in her noble attempts  by a parent ( Prakash Raj) who is against his daughter taking an interest in music and dance. What ways does Mary resort to, to help her students and encourage their talent?

The film has delightful performances by Shriya, Shaan and Sharman Joshi and every cast member.The music is based on  The classic Hollywood movie, The Sound of music. The visuals are excellent.and have a candy floss effect On screen.There is  enough drama and emotion to keep the viewer engaged.

On the flip side,too much of a good thing can bea tad boring after a while.However,the film seems like a sincere attempt to show case the power of Arts in the lives of kids.

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