Movie Review: Pizza 3

The much delayed Pizza 3 :The Mummy, starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Pavithra Marimuthu, Anupama Kumar, Abi Nakshatra and Gaurav, directed by Mohan Govind, produced by CV Kumar, hit screens on July 28th.

Nalan ( Ashwin) is a chef and owner of his own restaurant. He is in love with Kayal (Pavithra) whose brother, a cop Prem,( Gaurav) dislikes him. 

When a series of murders take place, Prem suspects Nalan. Things get worse when some uncanny events start happening in Nalan's life. What is the reason behind the supernatural events? As Nalan and Kayal unpeel the layers a heart wrenching story of revenge behind it all emerges.

What is the truth? How does Nalan resolve the situation?

Director Mohan Govind starts off well with a series of eerie events. The locations are well chosen and different than the usual in such genres. 

The back story is heart wrenching and leaves an impact especially thanks to the performances of the actors, Abi Nakshatra, Anupama, Kavitha Bharathi and others in the second half. 

The first half is a tad slow paced in places, but the movie picks up in the second half. The way the reason for the revenge is shown makes the film stand out and will remind you of a similar incident in the city some years ago. 

Ashwin Kakumamu fits the role perfectly and shows the angst and frustration of his character well. Hope to see more of this talented actor on screen. Pavithra does a good job and the duo make their characters credible. Kaali Venkat is a delight to watch as usual. Gaurav as the cop shines with a restrained act.

The camerawork of Prabhu  Raghav is superb  (keeping in mind the difficulties and space constraints of shooting inside a real restaurant kitchen) though one too many dark tones get repetitive. The ghosts presentation could have been a tad new fangled, sans the usual wig etc.

Arun Raj's bgm and music deserves praise as do the cuts and editing of Ignatious Asvin.

Pizza 3 is a stylishly made horror thriller for fans of the genre, with  a different storyline, and  a topical issue of child safety and exploitation woven into the story, creating an impact.

Rating 3.5/5


1.Aswin kakumanu as Nalan

2.Pavitra marimuthu as Kayal

3. Gaurav as Inspecter prem

4. Kavitabarathi as viswanathan

5. Anupama kumar as Rani

6. Abi nakshtra as Mitra

7. Veera as Veera narayanan

8. Kurashi as Sethu

9. Kaali venkat as Dhaamu annan

10. Kpy yogesh as yogi

11. Seymour as Librarian


Production Banner - Thirukumaran Entertainment

Produced By - C.V. Kumar

TamilNadu Theatrical Release: V Square Entertainment

Director - Mohan Govind

DOP - Prabu Rhagav

Music Director - Arun Raj

Editor - Ignatious Aswin

Associate Editor - Venkat Balaji Srinivasan

Art Director - SK

Stunts - Rugger Ram

DI & Audiography - Cuviyam Studios

DI Colorist - Shanmuga Pandian

Sound Mixing - Harish

Costume Designer - Navadevi Rajukumar,  Meenakshi

Chief Make Up Artist - Suresh, Ramachandran

Costumer - Selvam

VFX - Jeeva

PRO - Nikil Murukan

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