Movie Review : Angaaragan

 Angaaragan Cast and Crew

Hero : Sreepathy as Rohith 

Heroine : Niya as Diya (Rohith wife)

Villain : Sathyaraj as Adhiveerapandian 

Supporting character : Angadi theru mahesh as shiva (Resort manager)

Supporting : Appukutty as pavadaisami (security )

Supporting character : K C Prabath as Manikandan (Resort incharge)

Supporting character : Reina Karad as Poojitha & Queen Renita Martin


Cinematography & Direction : Mohan Dachu 

Lyrics & Music : ku Karthik 

Writer : Karundhel Rajesh 

Screenplay : Sreepathy

Editor : valar Pandian 

Stunt master : Jackie Jackson 

Art Director : k Madhan 

PRO : A John 

Production Designer : L Vivek 

Production Excutive : S Christy

A resort in the hills near Kodai runs into a problem when a girl disappaears. A senior cop ( Sathyaraj ) comes to investigate.

The story revolves around a group of couples in a resort, and thier personal life problems.

In the midst of this is are disappearances, a horror element and a bunch of cops imvestigating, led bt Sathyaraj.

What is the truth behind it all?

The visuals are fabulous, bringing in the scenic beauty of Kodai hills.

But the thrills slow down with songs and romance and a supposed comedy that doesnt quite land.

The story keeps rambling on , especially around a drunk character, with no particular goals in sight.

The performances are average and each ones does justice to the writing  which could have been better.  A tauter screenplay would have helped. 

 Sathyaraj's presence adds to the film but the writing doesn't give him much scope.

There are twists at the end,  the climax seeming hurried, compared to the leisurely pace earlier.

Watch out for the final twist.

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