Movie Review : J Baby

 Senthil ( Maaran) and Shankar ( Dinesh) are brothers who are not on talking terms. One day they are summoned by the cops who reveal that their aged mother J Baby ( Urvashi)  is in a police station in West Bengal. They are told to go and fetch her back and are heavily reprimanded for neglecting her

When the brothers reach the Kolkata police station, a surprise awaits them. Their mother has been sent off to a Women Vagrants Home. They have to wait another day to go there.
 All along, they are helped by a good samaritain Armyman who hails from TN, who was contacted by the cops as he knows Tamil.
  The next day when they reach the Home, they are not allowed entry due to it being a holiday. Again they have to wait a day.  The next day things get worse. J Baby has disappeared from the Home!

Where is their mother? How can they find her? Who is J Baby? How did she land up in Kolkata all the way from Chennai? Why are these brothers not talking to each other? Do they ever find J Baby? 

Debut director Suresh Mari has hit the ball out of the park with his first film. 
The film works on so many levels.  Drawing you into its world right from the word go,  till the last frame,  J Baby keeps you hooked to the screen. 
The first scene draws your curiosity about J Baby and with absolute ease, large doses of humor and a feeling of realism, the movie sails through smoothly, as it unravels layer upon layer of J Baby's life, all narrated superbly in a non-linear manner, with flasbacks smoothly introduced from time to time. 
Each of the characters are so well fleshed out,  that we feel their pain, desperation and  petty issues. Dinesh and Maaran have just excelled in their roles, be it their spats, their despair, hope or emotional outbursts. Every scene is  a gem, be it with the armyman, in Kolkata,or back home with J Baby and their families.

Urvashi is the show stealer par excellence. She makes you laugh and at the same time. Every flicker of hope, her total despair, her huge need to be loved, to shower her love on family and strangers,  and the way she slowly sinks and yet rises up bravely each time,  her performance is simply outstanding.
The pivot of the movie,  with easily one of  her career best performances, Urvashi's poryrayal of the real life J Baby ( periamma of Suresh Mari) is an unforgetable performance.

The way the film delivers so many messages in such a simple manner, is superb. Be it the significance of taking care of mental health, the importance of sharing and venting one's pent up feelings with the family, how easily even as strangers, one can lend a helping hand and change someone's life, and most importantly, the irreplacable factor of giving Time to your loved ones, be it parents or siblings , without being caught up in the rat race of life, which can smoothen the journey of life and make it worth living. 

J Baby is a not-to-be-missed gem of a film for every member of the family.

Rating 3.75/5

Cast and crew:

ஊர்வசி - J. Baby

தினேஷ் - Sankar

மாரன் - Senthil

சேகர் நாராயணன் - Sakthi

மெலடி டார்கஸ் - Selvi.

தாட்சாயிணி - Ramani,

இஸ்மத் பானு - Sankar Wife,

சபீதா ராய் - Senthil Wife

மாயா ஸ்ரீ - Sakthi Wife

Producers : Pa.Ranjith, Abhayanand Singh, Piiyush Singh, Sourabh Gupta, Aditi Anand, Ashwini Chaudhari.

Neelam Productions, Neelam Studios, Vistas Media.

இசை - டோனி பிரிட்டோ.

ஒளிப்பதிவு - ஜெயந்த் சேது மாதவன்,

எடிட்டிங் - சண்முகம் வேலுச்சாமி,

கலை - ராமு தங்கராஜ்,

பாடல்கள் - கபிலன் உமாதேவி , விவேக்.

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