Movie Review: Oru Nodi

 One late evening, in Madurai, an upset housewife Sakunthala  (Sriranjini) comes to the cops,  as her husband Sekar ( MS Bhaskar) is missing. She suspects a cruel  loan shark Thyagu ( Vela Ramamoorthi) to whom they owed money.

The senior cop Paridhi Ilamaran ( Taman Kumar) starts investigating the case. In the meanwhile a young girl Parvathi ( Nikitha) is murdered. It turns out that she was also pregnant. A  stalker at her workspot who is a suspect,  also commits suicide. 

As the case moves forward things begin to get more complicated. Does Ilamaran nab the culprits? Are all these deaths linked in any way? What is the truth behibd these crimes?

The movie,  an investigative cop thriller, works big time due to its brisk  pace, keeping the viewer interest high and curiosity peaked. There is a no -frills approach for which the director should be lauded, as he sticks to the core of the genre without diluting it with unnecessary drama, romance or comedy.

The director's attention to detail is another plus for the film,  with fine detailing of characters  events, dates and incidents, but all done in a simple yet crisp manner which can easily be grasped despite the regular entry of new characters.

The director's use of technology all through gives the film a contemporary touch.

Good casting with a talented supporting cast enriches the film and increases credibility.

Talented hero Taman Kumar returns after a gap, this time as a no -nonsense, upright cop who uses his grey calls to solve crimes instead of punch lines or stunts. His body language, measured dialogue delivery and calm demeanour bring out the character to perfection. 

Newbie Nikitha as the second victim and Arun Karthi as her lover stand out with their performances. MS Bhasker, Vela Ramamoorthy, Sri Ranjini and all the cops on the case do a solid job.

The bgm helps keep the thriller's ethos while the camerawork aids the story, albeit with a one too many close-ups at times. 

Oru Nodi with its solid performances, twists at every turn, good making that doesnt take the viewer for granted and keeps you guessing till the end, is a top notch, gripping and neat investigative thriller, with never a dull moment, which stays true to the genre, but with just the right dash of emotional appeal to keep  the viewer invested. Watch out for how the title is justified in the end !

Rating 3.75 /5

Taman Kumar @ Paruthi Ilamaaran
Vela. Ramamoorthy @ karimedu Thiyagu
M.S.Bhaskar @ Sekaran
Sri Ranjini @ Sankunthala
Pala. Karuppaya @ Thiru Gyana Moorthy (MLA)
Deepa Sankar @ Ponnatha
Nikitha @ Parvathy
Arun Karthi @ Jeeva
Vignesh Adhithya @ Venayagam
Gaja Raja @ Yoga Lingam
Karuppu Nambiyar @ Manickam

Sanjay Manickam
Sivasankar / Jegan Kaviraj / Udhaya Anbazhagan
Miracle Michael
Madurai Azhagar Movies & White Lamp Pictures
Azhagar .G & K.G.Ratheesh
G. Dhananjeyan
( Creative Entertainers & Distributors )
P. Sri Venkatesh 

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