Movie Review : Akkaran

 Duration : 107 minutes

Veerapandi ( MS Bhasker) and his associate, kidnap a young drunken man Arjun (Ahkash Premkumar)  from a pub and another local councillor  who runs a coaching centre. He suspects both to be responsible for his daughter Priya's ( Priya Dharshini) disappearance. 

Why has he done this? 

The film cuts to his past. A widower, he has 2 daughters.  He tries to get the elder daughter Devi  ( Venba) married, but she refuses, in love with  Siva ( Kabali Vishwanath) who has returned from jail, for which Veerapandi refuses to give permission. 

One day, Priya disappears after attending coaching class where she had filmed the director demanding 10 lakhs from students for higher coaching. 

 Now, cut to the present, where Veerapandi tries to find the truth by torturing both perpetrators. Each one blames the other for her death.

Does Veerapandi find out the truth? Who is the guilty party? 

M S Bhasker key role as hero of the film is played out well by the consummate actor.  He brings credibility to his role with his body language, emotional connect in the father daughter scenes and even excels in the fight scenes. The actor is a delight to watch in the way he elevates every film he is part of, with his realistic performances

The torture scenes and the murder replays  are gruesome to watch. The sound is too sharp and loud in several places which could have been handled better. 

The narration is such that there is not much suspense in the tale. The non-linear narration demands full attention to keep track of events.

The plot tries to be interesting but doesn't quite grab attention. Too many close -ups give a TV watching feel to the film. 

The acting by everyone is a plus though many scenes feel a tad amateurishly handled.

But MS Bhaskar, Kabali Vishwanath, Namo Narayana, Ahkash Priya and Venba have all done given stellar performance. The screenplay is well paced out though few scenes seem repetitive like the torture and political scenes. The crisp runtime however, is a plus point.

Overall an attempt at  thrilling emotional drama, with MS Bhaskar stealing the show. Watch out for the twist at the end.


M.S. Baaskar - veerapandi

Kabali Vishwanth - siva

Namo Naarayana - paranthaman

Venba - devi

Ahkash Premkumar - arjun

Priya Dharshini - priya

Karthik Chadrasekar - selvam


Producer - KKD

Production Company - Kundram Productions

Director - Arun K Prasad

DOP - M.A.Anand

Music - SR Hari

Editor - P.Manigandan

Stunt - Saravedi Saravanan

Production Executive - Sokkalingam

PRO - Sathish (AIM)

Publicity Designs - F5 Media

Tamilnadu Theatrical Release by Tamizh Cinemas (Dhanapal Ganesh & Shivani Senthil)

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