Quick Review : Super Duper

by Rinku Gupta
 Super Duper directed by AK, starring Dhuruva and Indhuja revolves around a case of mistaken kidnapping by the hero and his partner in crime  ( Shah Ra ) who make a fast buck out of nefarious activities.
This act lands them in the middle of a murder, drug peddling and an illicit affair. How they sort out thier problems forms the story.

The movie is supposedly a comedy but with action, drama , intrigue and revenge thrown in, confusing the viewer. Hi tension scenes are interspersed with so called witty one liners which raise laughs here and there. A talented actor like Indhuja is mostly wasted though we get to see her glam avatar with heavy make-up which she doesnt seem comfy with. Dhuruva is hero material with his height and body build  but let down with a weak story line perhaps doesnt get to explore acting chops. Shah Ra's comedy isnt much to go by. Villain Adithya Shivpink makes an adequate villain but the story around him seems rather run-of the-mill and propped up by lots of convienient writing. Too many characters introduced fail to establish a connect.

Some of the visuals with a retro comic book feel are well executed. The production values seem good but overall are unable to salvage a weak story.

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