Bharat gets emotional at Kaalidas success meet !

By Rinku Gupta
Actor Bharat got emotional at the success meet of his latest film Kaalidas, produced by Incredible Films.
" 2020 will be my 18th year in films. Everybody in media has always supported me through my highs and lows. Somehow,  things didn't go right because even though movies were good,  commercial success has many factors involved. I came here when I was 16 years old and cinema is my only home. The Kaalidas team and I went through a lot of struggle to release the film.  There were market considerations to be met and nobody had confidence whether people would come and see my film. It was after the press show,  when the media lauded me and wrote praises with the power of their pen,  I never imagined it would establish such a connect ! I still cannot believe what's happening.  Everybody says it's superb, " he said.

He thanked his producers, along with Abhishek and Shaktivel for taking trouble to release the film in the right way. He added that debutant Sri Senthil has won hearts and kudos and has arrived in cinema, a success he richly deserves.

Three film stars Ann Sheetal and Suresh Menon and its directed by Sri Senthil.

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