By Rinku Gupta

Godfather, is a thrilling story about a helpless dad Adhiyamaan ( Natty) who has to fight a don Maruthasingam ( Lal) in order to save the life of his little son Arjun( Aswath).

The lion and deer trope is instilled right from the beginning when the credit titles role. When a cruel don finds out that his little son needs a heart transplant to survive, he starts a hunt to find a child he can kill and use the heart for his son. His goons land up in the apartment building of Adhiyamaan and wife Mithra ( Pretty and talented Ananya who fits the bill). The hunt now begins and the family who gets to know of the don's plan, must now somehow survive and foil the don's plans. How far will a dad go to save his son's life? Which dad will win?

The director, Jegan Rajsekhar has done a good job of keeping the tension levels high. The screenplay moves steadily forward, leading to a surprise climax.
Natty as the helpless dad bites into his role with full gusto. He has a lot of running around to do and takes a lot of bashing by the baddies. His desperation yet never give up attitude os commendably brought out by him. The family fits beautifully together aided by Ananya and Ashwath's acting.

The supporting cast of neighbours and goons do justice to their roles, heightening the tension. Lal as the don instils fear though the team could have chosen a better beard and wig for him.

On the downside,are too many slow motion shots of the don making it repetitive. Too much running between stairs also is tiresome to watch. Some scenes look staged just to instil fear.

To sum up, enough thrills, good acting, a different story line than the usual fare and an unexpected climax make it a decent watch.
Rating : 3/5

Natty as Adhiyaman
Ananya as Mithra
Lal as Maruthasingam
Aswanth as Arjun
Marimuthu as Sakthivel

Director : Jegan Rajshekar

Dop : N.Shanmuga Sundaram

Editor : Bhuvan Srinivasan

Music : Naviin Ravindran

Art : ArunShankar Durai

Stunt : PC

Costume Designer : Bharathi

Lyrics : Tamilmani

Pubicity Designs : Dinesh Ashok

Stills : M.Dinesh

PRO : Nikhil

Producer : GS Arts & Firstclap

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