Nayanthara celebrates Mom's birthday in Goa with Vignesh Shivan!

 by Rinku Gupta

Actor Nayanthara, better known as the Lady Superstar, sure does things in style. 

Valuing quality time with her family,  she and beau Vignesh Shivan had flown from Chennai to Kochi  to be with her mom for the festival of Onam recently.

Now, Nayan flew her family to Goa,  to ring in her mother, mrs Omana Kurian's birthday there at a grand bash. 

Also spotted at the resort party was Vignesh's mother as well. 

Here are pics of  the holiday bash in Goa taken by Vignesh Shivan.

Vignesh Shivan also seems interested in doing some writing for his next film there in the scenic surroundings.

He also posted pics of the gorgeous Nayan chilling out in the midst of Nature in the beach resort.

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