Santhanam's Biscoth triple role spans 3 eras!

 By Rinku Gupta

Actor Santhanam's "Biscoth"  is all set to  release this Diwali. The actor  has played 3 roles, spanning 3 eras, from the 18th century, the 1980's and 2020. The film is directed by R. Kannan.

Out of the 3 roles, one is of a  Rajput, of nearly 30 minutes of the film, shot in Ramojirao Film City. Santhanam has learnt  Kalari for few scenes.

Tara Alisha Perri, female lead of A1 and Miss Karnataka title winner Swathi Mubbaala are the female leads. Sowcar Janaki,  Anandraj, Mottai Rajendran, Sivashankar, Lollu Sabha Fame Manohar are part of the cast.
The film is being released by Trident Arts.

The film is named 'Biscoth' after a biscuit factory which has played an important role in the film.

Kannan claims that this movie is going be a game changer in Santhanam’s career just like 'Imsai Arasan' was for  comedian Vadivelu.

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