Grand audio launch of Jai-Susienthiran's Veerapandiyapuram !

 Actor Jai and director Susienthiran have collaborated for a movie with a rural backdrop titled ‘Veerapandiyapuram’. After a long hiatus, actor Jai is a part of village based story, and he is debuting as music director with this movie. The movie is produced by S. Aishwarya of Lendi Studios. The complete project is completed, and the movie is all set for a worldwide theatrical release soon, the audio launch was held recently, with the cast and crewmembers taking part.

Line producer Jyothi Murugan said, “Veerapandiyapuram is getting released on February 18, and the story is set against the backdrops of locales in and around Dindugal. Director Susienthiran has incorporated whole lot of new things in every scene. The film has every entertaining element that audiences usually expect in a movie. I request everyone to watch the movie in the theaters and support us.”

Producer S. Aishwarya said, “We have made this film with as an action genre in the rural backdrops. Director Susienthiran promised that he will complete the shooting in 35 days, and eventually did the same. Jai has done a fabulous job not as an actor alone, but music director as well. Bala Saravanan, JP, Meenakshi and everyone in this movie have given their best into the show. I request everyone to watch the movie in the theaters.”

Actor JP said, “I have known Jai sir as a great performer, but this music director avatar is a surprise to me. I wish him a grand success as he embarks on this new journey. During this shooting, Myself and Susienthiran sir developed a great bonding. Director Susienthiran sir is the reason behind my growth in the Telugu industry, and it’s because of my performance getting appreciated in Telugu version of Naan Mahaan Alla, which gained me more offers there. Director Susienthiran is punctual when it comes to completing his projects on time. Both Susi sir and Velraj sir together have created a great magic. It was a wonderful experience shooting this film in the beautiful locales of Dindugal.”

Dialogue writer Bhaskar Sakthi said, “I congratulate Jai for his debut as music director with this movie. I have worked with Susienthiran sir in 4-5 movies and in between, couldn’t work with him. It was great to be getting back to work with him. The film has turned to be a good action entertainer, and will be liked by audiences from all walks of life.”
Actor Bala Saravanan said, “This is a moment of Thanksgiving for me. Susienthiran has given me to work in his 6 movies, and has accepted me as his brother. More than being a music director, Jai exhibited his chef avatar during the shooting, and all of us were so much addicted to his food. The entire process of working with this team was a happy moment to me, and I thank everyone in the crew for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this project.”
Background Music Director Sabesh said, “It’s great and elating to see another music director getting introduced in the movie industry. Jai has been a keyboard player for a long time. I have already listened to the song Kaadai Muttai that impressed me a lot. It’s nice to see all the songs turning to be good and commendable ones. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.”

Background Music Director Murali said, “I am a great fan of melody song Kaadai Muttai. Jai has done a great job with this album. A song’s success doesn’t depend on the music director alone, but with director as well. It’s nice to see the songs are really good in this movie. I wanted to take up background score for this movie, but Jai has rendered it in a world-class stature. I wish the entire team for a grand success.”

Actor Jai’s father Sampath said, “I thank both the producer and director Susienthiran for introducing Jai as music director. I am a great fan of director Susienthiran from his debut movie, and I wish the entire team for a good success of this movie.”

Actress Meenakshi Govindarajan said, “It’s been three years that Susienthiran sir introduced me and this is my second movie with him. He has been a great mentor to me. When I listened to the songs, I couldn’t believe that they were composed by Jai sir. Soon after the shooting, he would rush to composing music. He has worked hard for this project a lot. Producer took care of me as own daughter. I thank everyone in the team for being supportive.”


Director Susienthiran said, “This is a special moment for me. Initially, we had the title ‘Siva Sivaa’ for this movie, and later renamed it as Veerapandiyapuram. Before this, I had worked in a project during the Lockdown. It was a crucial phase, where many had to keep themselves confined inside their homes. I asked Velraj sir if there is a camera with him as I got restless without my work. We decided to make a film with the natural lighting. It was so difficult to access actors during this time as most of them weren’t ready to take risk. I reluctantly asked Jai that I will narrate a story and then he can decide. However, he surprised me stating that he doesn’t want to listen to any script, and is ready to work anytime with me as it was his long time interest. Soon after the completion of that movie, I narrated him this script, and he immediately gave a nod even without demanding for remuneration on partnership basis. The movie is made in Telugu with Aadhi in the lead role, which has the star-cast comprising prominent actors as well including famous performers like Suniel. During this Corona period, everyone has lost many dear and near ones, and I am no exception. I have two mothers, and I lost one of them. She would be here at the audio function of all movies, and this is the first time, an event is happening without her presence. Working in cinema alone lets me forget all such distressing worries. Soon after listening to the songs of Jai, Vairamuthu sir appreciated and assured that he will become a top league music director soon. He has given a village music so nicely in the first movie itself. I am making a revengeful action thriller after Naan Mahaan Alla. Actor Jai has done a good performance in this movie, and the climax fight has very well shaped up for him. The Telugu version will outperform the Tamil version, and Jai sir himself knows it. I have lots of well-wishers in the industry, and it’s a blessing to be surrounded by such good people. I will continue to make good content-driven movies in the future. While working Annaathe movie, Soori told me that Rajnikanth sir liked his performance and role in this movie. I am a great fan of Rajinkanth sir and I always get inspired by his statement that ‘I am not Elephant, but Horse that will wake up after stumbling and get back to race. I had to quit Twitter after the issue involving my statement that Ajith sir should enter politics. He is a peace loving person and loves a calm life. It’s a best decision he has made. Veerapandiyapuram will be a good engaging treat for the audiences.”

Actor Jai said, “I started learning music seriously from 2012 itself. While working in Triples web series, I expressed my desire to director for composing music. After getting it done, I requested director to include the song only if it fits well into the story as per his expectations. During the final mix, director Susienthiran listened to the song, and asked me who composed it. He was surprised when I told him that it was me. He appreciated and asked me If I could compose music for this movie. Initially, I thought it was a prank, but later got to know, it was serious. Although I felt little reluctant and doubtful about my potentials, Susi sir banked his complete trust one me. After completing the entire project and looking at the final output, I have gained confidence that I am capable of composing good music. I thank Susienthiran sir for his trust. The first song was written by Vairamuthu sir, and director told me that he had liked the song very much. I thank my entire family for getting me closely attached to the music. I thank my father who used to encourage me stating “Whatever you do, do it with your wholehearted efforts’. I am composing a track in Sundar C sir’s upcoming movie. Everyone has worked to their best efforts in this movie. One day, when the father of Velraj sir passed away, Susi sir wrote in a piece of paper, what he wanted to be shot, and gave me the directorial job. I thank him for letting me explore the director within me. I thank him for this gesture as well.”
Actress Meenakshi Govindarajan has played the female lead opposite actor Jai in this movie. The others in the star-cast includes Chathru, Sarath, Kaali Venkat, Bala Saravanan, Muthukumar, Arjai Prince, Arul Doss, director Mukthar Khan and many prominent actors.

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