Grand Sembi Audio Launch Event in presence of Kamal Haasan!

Producer R. Ravindran of Trident Arts And AR Entertainment Ajmalkhan, Reyaa has produced ‘Sembi’, directed by Prabhu Solomon, featuring Kovai Sarala and Ashwin in the titular characters. The audio launch of this movie was held this morning (October 28, 2022) in Chennai with the presence of iconic personalities from the movie industry. The event was presided over by Padma Bhushan Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan. 

Producer G Dhananjayan said, “Prabhu Solomon has yet again enthralled us. He keeps marveling us with his selection of locations. Kovai Sarala stuns us with her performance. With Kamal sir’s presence in a movie event, the respective film is sure to garner success. I wish the crew for the phenomenal success of this movie.” 

Actress Kovai Sarala said, “Prabhu Solomon is the hero of this film. It’s not an easy task to be acting in his movie. The only way to excel is inhale his inputs and deliver as he has envisioned. I thank the well-wishers and everyone, who are here to wish for the film’s success.”
Producer TG Thyagarajan said, “I wish the hero of this event, Music Director Nivas K Prasanna. Prabhu Solomon is a gifted filmmaker. We at Sathya Jyothi Films wanted to make a film with him after witnessing his colossal work in Kumki. The crew has crafted this movie with great efforts. Kovai Sarala madam has delivered impeccable performance in this movie. I wish the team for good success.” 

Producer T Siva, Amma Creations, said, “When Kamal Haasan sir is there for a movie related event, and then the success is already guaranteed. He has revived the Tamil cinema with the grand success of Vikram. Prabhu Solomon is an astonishing filmmaker. Actress Kovai Sarala is a fabulous performer, and is the successor of Aachi Manorama. One of the greatest achievements of Prabhu Solomon is introducing ace actors like Thambi Ramaiah in the Tamil industry. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.” 

Thiru Arulpathi said, “I congratulate Kamal Haasan sir for the grand success of this movie. I wish the entire team for the phenomenal victory of this movie.” 

Director Vasantha Balan said, “Kamal Haasan sir is still inspiring every one of us. The movie industry is privileged to get an icon like him. Prabhu Solomon enthralled us by making small budgeted movies like Myna and Kumki at a grander scale. He displayed a shot of bird flying in its nature, and the entire theater goes in high applause. Kovai Sarala has done a tremendous performance. I wish the entire team for the grand success of this movie.” 

Director RV Udhayakumar said, “I can bet that none can be a great fan of Kamal Haasan sir than me. I have directed him in the movie ‘Singara Velan’, which remains as a greatest entertainer till now. It’s because of him, the film garnered great success... He would perform some minute nuances and make the scene elevated. Ashwin grew up watching his films and performances that inspired him to become an actor. Prabhu Solomon is one among the rarest pearls of Tamil cinema. Kovai Sarala has delivered an extraordinary performance in the movie. She is the next stellar performer after Aachi Manorama. I wish the crew for great success.” 

Nanjil Sampath said, “This movie is a dance of nature. Prabhu Solomon wanted me to perform the role of an opposition party leader, which was my interest as well. Kovai Sarala appreciated my performance. I would say that she is the successor to Manorama, and yes it’s true indeed. I wish the entire crew for the success of this movie.” 

Director Karu Pazhaniappan said, “When Prabhu Solomon offered me a role to perform in this movie, I requested him to make me act accordingly. He would experiment letting the actors perform in different tones and styles for every scene, and wouldn’t get satisfied until he gets what he expects. He is a fabulous director. I wish the entire team for the success of this movie.” 

Director-Actor K Bhagyaraj said, “Everyone is saying that Kamal Haasan sir’s presence in a movie event will definitely yield great success. I have experienced it for my films as well. I was stunned looking at his performance in the movie 16 Vayadhinile. I have known Kovai Sarala from the age of 8. She tried a lot and insisted to act with me in the movie Mundhaana Mudichu. Everyone is acclaiming her as Manorama, and it’s true. She has astonished us with her lovely performance in this movie. I was stunned with the directorial proficiency of Prabhu Solomon in Kumki. This film’s trailer itself is amazing. I wish the entire team for the success of this movie.”

Dr. Ishari K Ganesh said, “Prabhu Solomon is my favourite filmmaker. It’s been a long time desire to produce a movie under his directorial, and it will happen soon. Kovai Sarala madam has delivered a fabulous performance in this movie. While the trailer itself is amazing, I can foresee the success of this movie. I wish the entire team for the success of this movie.” 

Director K.S. Ravikumar said, “The previous films of Trident Arts R. Ravindran have been great successful hits. I am sure this movie is also going to be a bigger success.. It’s great to see that you have Kamal Haasan sir’s support. Even I became producer in Tenali with the support of Kamal Haasan sir. Kovai Sarala has done a remarkable job with this movie. I wish the entire team for success.” 

Actor Ashwin said, “Working in a movie itself is a blessing, and to get the first movie opportunity from Ravi sir and produce another movie for me is beyond that. When it is Prabhu Solomon, there is no second thought. I instantly agreed to be a part of this movie as I could learn a lot. You can all see what he has done for me in this movie. It’s a pride to be standing next to Kamal Haasan sir, and to get his wishes is a bliss indeed. I request everyone to support this movie.” 

Actor Thambi Ramaiah said, “Kamal sir is the hero of craftsmanship. It’s a blessing and prestige to be sharing the stage with him. I thank Ashwin, director Prabhu Solomon and powerhouse performer Kovai Sarala for making me a part of this movie. I request you all to support this movie.” 

Director Prabhu Solomon said, “I thank the entire team of actors and technicians for supporting me in creating this project. It’s because of you, the movie has been shaped up well. I had to travel across many places to find a perfect actor for the specific role. I travelled all the way from Kodaikanal to Kolli Hills to find the one, but couldn’t get. Finally, I got reminded off Kamal Haasan sir’s Sathileelavathi and approached Kovai Sarala madam. She was doubtful and asked if she would be perfect for this character. And now, she has done a remarkable job with her performance. Everyone in the team has worked so hard for the project. I thank Nivas K Prasanna for adding more soul through his musical score in this movie. I thank Kamal Haasan for his support and presence here. 

Actor Kamal Haasan said, “Everyone is addressing Kovai Sarala as Sister and Mother, but I am unsure how to call her. I have known her from childhood. She has delivered a fabulous performance in this movie, and the 8-yr old baby has also acted so well. It’s a rare gift that many can’t possess. It’s not an easy job to laugh or cry as soon as the camera is switched on. Many get scolded and even I am not an exception. During those days while seeking for chance, I would get offended whenever they scold me for not dropping tears before the camera. During the time of 16 Vayadhinile many asked why I should appear almost bare and naked before the camera, and now they are celebrating it. A movie’s success is defined onlya after years, where people discuss and appreciate it. Now they are appreciating 16 Vayadhinile, and if you ask us if it was made with Crores of budget, the answer is No. Prabhu Solomon has shot this movie across the exotic locales of Kodaikanal. I have already watched the movie. Fans and audiences should appreciate good cinema, and must point out the mistakes, when a movie is not satisfactory, this will let the makers rectify and deliver good cinema. My support for good movies is always there. Many hard working talents have lost their chance in the movie industry due to lack of recognition and appreciations. I have witnessed it personally. So don’t hesitate to appreciate the talented actors and technicians. Be ready to learn. Ashwin has done a good job as a performer. Thambi Ramaiah has effortlessly delivered a beautiful spell. I kept admiring him throughout the show. Nanjil Sampath’s performance is more appealing. Cinematography is commendable. I wish the entire team for grand success. Audiences will decide the good and successful movies by themselves. Good luck for the entire team.”

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