Film Review: Meippada Pesu

 Meippada Pesu hits theatres today on Jan 27th.

An unemployed youth who hangs out in the village with 3 other similarly unemployed, is in love with a young girl from a more well placed family. Her relatives oppose the union but the duo get married despite all opposition.

All 5 then leave for Chennai in search of a better life.  But there they get involved in the discovery of a physical abuse and murder of a young girl and report it to the cops. However, now the big gang who are the culprits are  after them. Do they escape  their fate ? Or do they return to avenge the murder of the innocent girl?

The actors have put their best foot forward with fine performances in the rural landscape. The villains too look menacing.

The director has attempted to focus on meteing out justice to criminals of sexual crimes, in a way that they dont go scot free and repeat it. The scenes are not for the faint hearted.

The fights by Mirattal Selva are well choreographed while the camerawork and music add to the film.

However, a little more attention could have been perhaps paid to getting age appropriare cast as some of the friends look a tad too old to look like unemployed youth. Also, why a young girl should fall for a jobless youth who has never earned a penny and has no way to fend for her, is never revealed.

Meippada Sei seems to firmly believe in the ' justice delayed is justice denied' adage and seeks to showcase an alternative form of justice to cover loopholes so that villains cannot use the usual money and clout to  buy themselves a way out.

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