Film Review : Om Vellimalai

 Om Vellimalai directed by Om Vijay and produced by Superb Creations hits theatres on Feb 24th.

The story seeks to highlight the significance of indigenous medicines ans age old medicinal properties of Indian plants and herbs that have with time, been overtaken by western medicine systems.

In a remote hillside village, an old siddha medicine practitioner tries in vain 9to convince the villagers to take his herbal medicines which he prepares with the help of his daughter. His only aim is to help the sick. But nobody takes him seriously and prefer allopathic quick fixes.

One day,  things change when a malady hours the entire village.  With no respite in sight,  one person goes to him and gets cured. This gives the village hope and they clamour fire  cure. But thereby hangs a tale. An incident from his past now comes to the fore. What is his secret? Can he cure the villagers?

The film is a tribute and homage to the ancient respected Siddha Bhognathar ( the revered  guru of Mahavatar Babaji) and highlights his contribution to medicine and humankind. The efforts of the makers deserve to be lauded for the way they have tried to share and restore knowledge and instil pride in our ancient traditions.

The film retains an element of mystery and the twist is well presented.

All the leads and supporting cast have find a good job as have the village dwellers. Shooting in the mountain terrain would have been tough and kudos to the camera team for pulling out off.

There is ample emotion and bits of comedy and a love track as well.  

On the flip side some of the scenes are repetitive and thus impact the emotional connect. A little bit of the melodrama could have been lessened.One feels that the climax twist could have been introduced a tad earlier perhaps with more focus on what happens after that. 

Overall a different film than the usual with a noble message. 

1. சூப்பர் R.சுப்ரமண்யன் - அகத்தீசன் & போகர்
2. வீர சுபாஷ் - வனராஜா
3. அஞ்சு கிருஷ்ணா - மனோண்மணி
4. கிரிராஜ் - மொரட்டாள்
5. விஜயகுமார் - புயல்ராசு
6. சார்லஸ் பாண்டியன் - காட்டுத்தீ
7. கவிராஜ் - கரும்பாரை
8. பழனிச்சாமி - பயில்வான்

Producer: Rajagopal Elangovan
Production: Superb Creations
Directed by: Om Vijay
DOP: Maniperumal
Music: NR Raghunanthan
Editor: Sathish Surya
Art: Mayapandiyan
Lyrics: Ku Karthik, Karumathoor Manimaran
PRO: Suresh Chandra, Rekha D’One
Line Producer: K.S.Vignesh
Sound Designer: Ramji.S
Sound Effects Designer: Karthick Dhamodharan
Lyrical Video: Wilsy
Stills: Manokaran
Designer: Gibson UGA
DI & VFX: Whiteelotus

Direction Team
Associate Directors: Pandiyaraj Murugesan, Archana Rudraksh
Assistant Directors: Paranthaman, Venkat

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