Film Review:Farhana

 Dream Warrior Pictures' Farhana, directed by Nelson Venkatesan, starring Aishwarya Rajesh in the titular role, hit screens on May 12th.

Farhana ( Aishwarya Rajesh) comes from a humble backgound. She wants to give a better life to her 3 kids and so decides to go for a job, and  joins a call centre.
Exposed to a new world far removed from her own, she learns the ropes fast and works hard to get to the top. Her husband ( Jithan Ramesh) is  supportive.

But in an attempt to get more incentives as work and better her life,  she joins a different division at the call centre, where she lands up with a totally unexpected kind of work, that of 'friendly' chats with men.  Though she is repulsed, things change, when a caller, a total stranger ( Selvaraghavan) develops empathy and  a bond with her.

What happens next? What are the unforseen events that shake her life after this? How does she handle it all?

Director Nelson attempts to take the viewer into different worlds, be it that of  call centre life or that of Farhana's world.

The film moves from emotional drama to a thriller, quite unexpectedly and then keeps up the momentum right upto the rivetting pre- climax and climax scenes.

The emotional turmoil of Farhana is well portrayed by Aishwarya Rajesh, who gives yet another solid performance and lives her role and carries the film on her shoulders effortlessly, with her measured and nuanced performance and body language.

Jithan Ramesh too, has given a neat performance as the quiet husband caught up very different circumstances than those he is used to. The actors scenes together are well handled by both.

Anumol, Selvaraghavan and Aishwarya Dutta do justice to their roles.

Justin Prabhakaran'a bgm adds to the suspense and thrilling moments.

On the flip side, some repetitive scenes slow down the film and appear prolonged. Why Farhana decides to meet the stranger despite her convictions and company policy is not totally convincing.

An interesting premise, a cat and mouse game, ample emotions, suspense and thrills with an engaging conflict, stellar performances and well written dialogues, Farhana makes for an interesting watch.

Rating : 3.5 / 5

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