Takes Time and Patience to make something worthy for the audience’ says Shah Rukh Khan on Jawan!

 After the success of Pathaan, Shah Rukh Khan is all set to take audiences on an action-packed journey with Jawan, directed by multi-award winning filmmaker Atlee. One of the most anticipated films of all time, audiences have been eagerly waiting for the entertainer and while it’s all set to release 7th September, the superstar dropped some exclusive scoop on the film –

In his #AskSRK segment on Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan answered some burning questions fans had on the film starting with the film’s release date. When asked why Jawan is slightly delayed, the superstar said, “Takes time and patience to make something worthy for the audience.” Adding that, “Everybody was working without a break and pushing themselves…so a bit relieved that all can do their job with more ease now.”

When asked what he likes most about Jawan, Shah Rukh Khan said, “For me at least it's a new kind of  genre. An Atlee special and the marriage of trying to bring two ways of making films in tandem.” The superstar also revealed that it was Atlee and his team that excited him the most as they are ‘mass’.

For those wondering why Shah Rukh Khan is missing from the poster, he revealed that the makers felt just his name was enough – All praise for his fellow actors from Jawan, the superstar said about Nayanthara, “She is lovely....too sweet and awesome to work with. A pleasure.” And on Vijay Sethupathi he mentioned, "He is such a humble person and a brilliant actor. Learnt a lot from Vijay.”

When asked if Atlee made him learn Tamil, Shah Rukh Khan revealed, “Atlee and Anirudh made me do a few song lines (lip synch) in Tamil....hope I got them right.”

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