Movie Review : Broken Script

 Broken Script is a Tamil movie which hit screens on August 20th. The actors include Rio Raj, Nabiszah Gazali and others. 

A motley of storylines intersect with various characters. Rio Raj (who is addicted to video games) works in a travel agency. Jo Giovanni plays a psycho director who wants to kill a director who cheated him.  An organ stealing scam is going on in a hospital in the meanwhile. Rio Raj lands up in the house of a psycho killer when he tries to rob his home. Singapore Rajni is another character in the film. 

Jo Giovanni is the director and has acted as a producer as well.  The visuals are good and so are the songs. 

 The story is quite confusing and takes time to warm up to. The actors have all tried their best to do justice to their roles but let down with a weak screenplay and meandering storyline that doesnt really grip the viewer.

Cast :

Joe Giovanni Sarjeet Singh ( director and actor)

Nabiszah Gazali

Rio Raj





Music : Praveen Viswa Malik

Producer : Streetlight Pictures

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