Movie Review: Vaan Moondru



Aaditya Bhaskar - Sujith Kumar

Ammu Abhirami - swaathi

Vinoth kishan - Jhoshva

Abhirami Venkatachalam - Jothi Meenakshi

Delhi Ganesh - Sivam

Leela Samson  - Chitra


Producer - Vinoth Kumar Senniappan

Production - Cinemakaaran

Director - AMR Murugesh

DOP -   Charles Thomas

Music - R2 BRO'S

Editor -  AJAY MANOJ


Vaan Moondru is a story of 3 couples, each in different stages of their lives.
The common factor amongst all of them are hospitals.

The first couple, Sujith and Swathi meet when both land up in hospital, after attempting suicide over love failure. How does their story proceed?

The second couple are Joshua and Jyothi, who land up for treatment in hospital when Jothi who is pregnant has a stroke. What further complications test their relationship?

The third couple are senior citizens, Sivam and Chitra. Sivam has no money for the operation of Chitra who needs an ugent heart surgery. The son fails them and without money,  she does not have long to live.  How do the duo combat their problem? Is there any angel who helps them?

Each story explores inter-personal relationships and the running theme is how the characters hold on to a ray of hope in the the face of tough times. 

While two of the  stories are engaging and moving, the suicidal couple dont create as much of an impact as the other two.

The screenplay tends to lag in several places as the narration takes its own sweet time to move forward. The dialogues dont seem natural in few places.

However, all the actors have done a good job with Vinoth Kishan, Delhi Ganesh and Leela topping the list.

The film is now streaming on Aha Tamil OTT platform.

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