Movie review: Noodles

 Hero character name Saravanan - Harish Uthaman

Heroine -  Sakthi - Sheela Rajkumar

Daughter  Priyu - Aazhiya

Neibourhood Characters first floor family 

Shankar age 49

Artiste Thirunaavukkarasu(aruvi film aruvi father)

Jayanthi age 30, Sankar wife

Artiste Haritha

Sankar jayanthi son

Yeshwanth / sooraj

Second floor family

Meera age 48 artiste Mahina,,

Meera daughter Swetha age 30 artiste Suba

Suba cousin prakash age 24, Artiste prakash

Neighborhood lawyer Thiru age 50-

artiste  Vasant Marimuthu

Auto man artiste imthiyas

Police inspector Elango


Police Head constable


Actor Aruvi Madhan makes his debut as a director in Noodles, starring Harish Uthaman and Sheela Rajkumar.

Harish and Sheela play Saravanan and Sakthi,  a happy middle class couple who have a child,  and share a great camaraderie with their neighbours in a building. One day when all the 3 families gather for their weekly fun and games session on the terrace, they land in trouble with  patrol cops, who investigate the loud noise they are making late at night. They get into an altercation especially due to Sheela's character arguing with the inspector Elango ( Aruvi Madhan).

As luck would have it, in  a strange twist of fate,  the wife lands up in accidentally killing a phone snatcher on a bike, whose body lands into their small apartment floor.

The couple are rattled and at a loss on how to deal with it all.  They somehow find a local lawyer to help them out,  but all hell breaks loose when the strict night patrol cops land up on their doorstep. 

What happens next ?

The family drama has loads of thrills and twists to keep the viewer engaged.

The ensemble cast has well chosen actors who do a great job.  Harish and Sheela shine in their roles bringing realism and credibility to their roles displaying their fear and trauma really will well.

Madhan as the arrogant cop with an agenda for revenge is superbly played, instilling a fear and showcasing his unpredictability and penchant for asserting his power on hapless citizens.

The lawyer played by  Vasant Marimuthu  is  superbly cast, with his fearful body language and expressions adding humor to the tense situation.

On the flip side, there could have been tighter editing, especially in the terrace games scene, and later when the friend keeps calling up with the same refrain about Sakthi's parents.

 Noodles is tightly knit thriller, a sound family entertainer,  with a good ensemble cast, solid performances, laced with emotions, humor and twists in the tale. A good directorial debut by Aruvi Madhan.

Rating 3.5/5

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