Movie Review: Indha Crime Thappila

 Starring - Aadukalam Naren, Pandi Kamal, Meghana Ellen, Muththukkalai

Produced by Madhurya Productions
Director - Devakumar

The film is set in a small town. A young girl from a village comes to work in a mobile shop. She is groomed in modern ways by the owner. 

Soon three young men, fall for her charms. These three are friends but none of them know about the love of the other.

In another part of the town,  three men are on a killing spree, hunting down people vigilante style.
One day the vigilante capture the 3 lovers and beat them up. Why do they do so? Why do they want to kill them? What is the link between these men and the girl at the mobile shop?

The movie tries to justify vigilante killings involving crimes against women.

The making is sloppy and the action scenes could have been done more credibly.
The whole vibe is of an 80's movie.

The overdose of colors, the way the 3 heros/ villains are shown all seem to be in an 80's mode.

Why Aadulalam Naren decided to so this film and this role is not clear.  
The slow screenplay is not helpful and gives a TV serial.vibe in places.

However, the heroine has done a good job of it and so have the actors,  doing their best with a plot and screenplay that could have been better written.

The suspense level is well maintained.
The visuals are good especially the pictursque greenery is captivatingly shown. The songs are also well captured.
Overall the better writing , stunts and screenplay and plot  would have been welcome.

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