Movie Review : Glassmates


Production Company: Mughavai Films International 

Produced by : J.Angaiyarkannan

CAST: Angaiyarkannan, Brana, Kuttypuli Sharavana shakthi, Mayilsamy, Tm karthik, Chaams, MP Muthupandi, Abi Nakshatra, Arul doss, Meenal, SR Jangid IPS & others


Written & Directed by : Kuttypuli Sharavana Shakthi

Co Director : J.Angaiyarkannan, Rathnakumar 

Producer : J.Angaiyarkannan

Co Producer : Kalaivani Kannan

Executive Producer : Harnish.A.K

Banner : Mughavai Films International 

DOP : Arunkumar Selvaraj

Editor : M.S.Selvam

Additional Editor : R.Rajavarman

Art Director : Jai

Music Director : Prithivy

Lyrics : Seerkali Sirpi

Choreographer : Santhosh

Costume Designer : V.Muthu.Mstk

Stunt : Ramkumar

SFX : Kannan

Sound Design : C.A.Mydeen (Mighty Studio)

PRO : Sathish (AIM)

Stills : Siva

Makeup : G.Ragavan Rahul

Publicity Designs : Prashanth Joseph

Social Media Creatives :  Alpha Studios

DI & VFX : Sri Kalasa Studios

Colorist : Raghuraman

VFX : Narreshkumar Babu

Glassmates, as title hints at, centres around two thick friends who are bound together with thier love for the bottle.

Nothing comes in the way of their drinking habit. In the process, they even convince others to drink and get them into trouble with their addiction.

But one day,  their actions lead to a tragedy. Do they wake up from their stupor and mend their ways?

The film is though seemingly made with the intent of showing the ill effects of drinking, ends up only showing people drinking from beginning to end which makes one wonder whether it would have the desired effect after all.

Each scene is loud, with some even obnoxious incidents, and repetitive, with the actors doing more of the same in different ways. 

However, the sincerity of the director does come through in scenes involving the family's sufferings, and especially towards the end portions of the film when a tragedy befalls Mayilsamy's character. 

Abi Nakshatra as the student with noble goals for her life gives a commendable performance. Brana too does a good job of her role bringing out the love and despair of a trusting wife whose patience is tested. The main leads too deliver a very conviincing performance as drunkards. 
A poignant tale on the ill effects of addiction, made with a social message in mind.

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