Movie Review : Vadakkupatti Ramasamy


Santhanam - Ramasamy
Megha akash - Kayal vizhi
Maaran - Murugesan
Seshu - poosari
Tamil - kathiresan
M.S. Baskar - Munusamy
John vijay - Mookkaiyan
Ravi mariya - kalaiyan
It is prasanth - Muthu
Jaqlene - Lakshmi
Cool suresh - Dhanraj
Nizhalgal Ravi - Major Chandrakanth

Written & Directed By - Karthik Yogi
Producer - T.G.Vishwa Prasad
Banner - People Media Factory
Co-Producer  - Vivek kuchibhotla
Creative Producer - V.Shree Natraj
Associate Producers - Sunil Shah, Raja Subramanian
Executive Producer - Vijaya Rajesh
Music Composer - Sean Roldan
Cinematographer - Deepak
Film Editor - T. Shivanandeeswaran
Art Director - A. Rajesh
Stunt - Mahesh Mathew
Choreographer - M. Sherif
Lyrics - Arivu, Bakkiyam Sankar, Kavingar Sarathi
Additional Screenplay-  Vignesh Babu, Vignesh Venugopal
Production Executive - T. Murugesan
Production Controller - Magesh Shankar, Albin Clement
Costume Designer - Dinesh Manoharan
Sound Design - Sarath kumar. M
Sound Mixing - Harish
Vfx & DI - Deccan Dreams
Marketing Strategist - Kaundeya S (IHORSE PICTURES)
Pro - Suresh Chandra, Abdul A Nassar
Publicity Designer - Sivakumar S (SIVADIGITALART)
Content Head (PMF) -  Satya Bhavana Kadambari
Makeup - Dasarathan Dass  
Stills - R.S. Raja
Costumer - M. China Swamy

Set in the 60's and 70's,  the story revolves around Santhanam who plays a villager, Ramasamy, who manages a temple, along with buddies Murugesan ( Maaran) and Poosari ( Seshu),  and run a thriving business around the temple, exploiting the innocence and faith of the locals.

But  trouble arises when a clever and greedy tahsildar ( Tamil) wants a share in this business and threatens to reveal them if they dont comply. He also threatens to shut down the temple.

But the clever trio are not so quick to give in and hatch a plan to get out of the mess and keep their enterprise thriving.

But more trouble is in store in the form of Kayalvizhi ( Megha Akash) a doctor in Madras, who returns to the village and  joins forces with the tahsildar.

Ramasamy and his buddies discover that they have lots more than they bargained for on their plate, in order to protect the temple and their business. 

What all means do they resort to save themselves ? Do they succeed? Who else is a spoke in the wheel of their plans?

Kudos to director Karthik Yogi for creating this period setting and world of vadakkupatti with it's plethora of characters, who leave you in splits with their dialogues, strange activities, rib-tickling reactions and rejoinders. Every scene is a laugh riot and every character so well chosen that they leave a mark.

For Santhanam, it's among his best performances, with just the right mix of wit, dialogues  and expressions.  He gives ample space to the plethora of co- artistes to perform and entertain in line with the story,  which is a major plus for the film.
There is never a dull moment on screen. From Nizhalgal Ravi's superb act,  Ravi Mariya and John Vijay's measured performances, to Cool Suresh's and It Is Prashanth's  makeover, the list goes on. 

 Megha Akash fits her role perfectly and holds her own as an important character and not a love interest. MS Bhasker delivers yet another memorable role after Parking.
The visuals are good, as is the making and the art department deserves kudos for their work.

Sean Rolden's bgm is commendable and heightens the excitement on screen. 

The mood change from humor  to a discussion on human values, the power of faith and belief strikes a chord  at the climax.

The rib-tickling, laugh-riot which keeps you glued, engaged and  entertained all through, is a clean family entertainer and yet another winner from the Santhanam- Karthik Yogi combo. 

Rating 4/5

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