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by Rinku Gupta

The Junga media meet was a glittering star studded affair with the stellar cast of the film present on the occasion. The event was marked by a cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the 60th birthday of actor and producer Arun Pandian, who is co-producing
 the film along with Vijay Sethupathi.

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Image result for photos jungaThe  guests consisted of heroine Madonna Sebastien, director Gokul, actors Saranya Ponvannan, Suresh Menon and music director Siddharth Vipin. Vijay Sethupathi said, “Director Gokul and I are in synch mentally so we were able to work perfectly together. “ The film is about a miserly don who lands up in Paris due to circumstances. Sayyessha and Yogi Babu make up the cast. The film was shot extensively in France at the famed Chateau de Chambord and in other countries like Azerbaijan where an important chase and action scene was shot.Image result for photos junga
Producer Sethupathi was all praise for Arun Pandian who  came forward to associate with this film without even hearing the story. “He told me he had been watching my films and had great confidence in my selection of films. He didn’t even see the footage of the film. Its normal for Gokul and me to  trust each other because we have a long standing relationship. But  Arun Pandian sir’s confidence in us was very touching.”
Sethupathi was all praise for co-star Saranya with whom he has worked in Thenmerkku Paravakkaatrai. “She has adapted herself very sportingly to the local Chennai slang in this film, without any starry attitude. She has a great respect for the art form and is totally dedicated to her craft. I feel fortunate to have learnt so much from just watching her work.”Image result for photos junga
About Madonna he said, “Donna heard  the story at my request but refused to discuss payment even, such is her confidence in me. She is one of the finest and most sensible actors I have seen, for her age, much like Gayathrie, my other co-star.” Madonna had heaps of praise for Sethupathi, “He comes under the category of the best people to work with. He is like family. He made it so much easier for me than it would have been. I finished my shoot in 11 days but after that I started missing the shoot. He paid me a good sum even though I didn’t ask for it! I could see that he was more tense on sets compared to other films so that means he has qualified as a good producer as well!  I have been avidly waiting for the film to release. Gokul sir is like a magician. He picks up something from the air and it becomes comedy!”  Madonna has done a cameo which required a Telugu slang, for a few scenes but her role will be impactful said the director.
Siddharth Vipin’s peppy numbers have already garnered a good response. Director Gokul expressed total confidence in Junga thanks to Vijay Sethupathi. “No one else but Sethupathi could have done this role. In the climax he did the entire 8 minute scene in the snow in Austria, in just one shot. It was about 38 pages! We didn’t have permission to shoot the next day so we had to finish it that day.  He read it for half an hour and then just came and gave the shot. I was just watching through the monitor mesmerized. He finished it in 45 minutes. He will be very emotional but the audience will be laughing.”Image result for photos jungaImage result for photos junga
The camerawork is by Dudley. The film is set to release on July 27th.

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