KGF Hero Yash welcomes second child !

By Rinku Gupta

The Bengaluru based Kannada hero, Yash who raised a pan - Indian box office storm with his KGF, has been blessed with his second child today.
Yash and wife Radhika Pandit , welcomed a baby boy into their family today.  The couple already have a baby girl, named Arya,  born ten months ago.

The ecstatic dad made a unique announcement on social media about their bundle of joy.

He made a recording of baby Arya's gurgles and via a phone call playing it, he interpreted ,
" Shes trying to say she's got a baby brother today. Her happiness has doubled.Cant wait for more of these baby conversations. Thank you for all the love and blessings!" he tweeted.
Surely a unique way that displays and conveys his joy at the new arrival .
                    (click here to experience it) 

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