Quick. Review : Capmaari

By Rinku Gupta

An adult content film starring Jai, Vaibhavi and Athulya, directed by SA Chandrasekhar, Capmaari is basically about a guy who manages to have a love marriage , and at the same time have an affair with his colleague, while making it all look ok.
The story as such is nothing elaborate. After a steamy night in a train, our hero ( Jai) marries his lady love ( Vaibhavi, skimpily clad most of the time). But that doesn't stop his bold colleague ( Athulya) pursuing him and managing to get pregnant after a bout of drinking.  As a result, she decides to move in with the husband- wife, staking a claim to the dad of her child. What upheaval does this cause in their lives?

Watch it if you like steamy songs, double meaning jokes ( aplenty), skimpily clad heroines, and not much of a story line. The film seens to imply its ok to have illicit reationships after marriage and the whole tone is kept light hearted.  The crass jokes of Sathyan, Sid Vipin and Divyadarshini add to overall loud flavor of the film, which is aimed at a youth audience.
The actors have all done their parts well though going overboard with their dialogues on love, sex and marriage. 

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