Devi Sri Prasad's Secret Talents in Making Trending Video, Revealed !

By Rinku Gupta

The super talented music director Devi Sri Prasad is a world renowned powerhouse of musical talent with a humungous fan base.

But due to the corona lockdown, a different facet of his creative talent has come to the fore with his recent trending video  for the #BeTheRealMan challenge on social media.

The video came in for huge praise from industry folks apart from fans. Even Kamal Haasan called DSP personally to convey how much he enjoyed the video and how on point the message pertaining to the importance of women, especially the mother in the family was. ( click here to view what Kamal said).

It so happens that DSP has not only acted in the clip, but also conceptualised,  directed, shot and edited  it himself,  all at his home studio, under the lockdown period!

 When we quizzed him about how he made the video which features various camera angles, several people and all with a dose of humor and emotion in perfect measure, DSP gave us an exclusive peek into its actual  making.

For starters, the entire video was shot on his mobile phone. Not only that,  he used an iWatch to co-ordinate various angles, even as he scrubbed and cleaned and did house chores.( click here to view full video).

Said he, "I shot the whole thing on my phone. First I started shooting using a stand myself. Then, to shoot faster, I took help.  Luckily my assistant sound engineer Suresh, always stays in my home studio. So, I took his help to place the camera in the angles that I wanted. Then I set the frame looking into my iWatch,  triggering my phone as I scrubbed and mopped. That way, I could  Start or  Stop the recording through my watch itself, without moving out of frame."
              DSP With nephew Tanav Satya 

Once he finished shooting,  he went on to explore his editing skills. "After I shot the whole video like that, I edited it myself in about 2 hours, as I love editing!"

The little boy in the video has recieved much praise. DSP reveals, " The  little kid in the video is my nephew Tanav Satya who is 3.5 years old."

In the lockdown, how did he get to shoot with his sister's son Tanav who lives in a separate house? DSP's shooting skills and eye for detail comes to the fore as he reveals, " People are surprised when I told them that his “waking me up shot” and my “waking up shot on my bed” were actually seperately shot in different houses! As he is under Lockdown at my sister's place,
I sent a video to my sister enacting the shot that I want from my nephew. He is just a little more than 3.5 years. But he saw my video clip and  immediately, in one shot he looked at it and acted it off to perfection!  My sister then sent me that video, which I added to the clip."

But the scene looks so real as if happening in the same room. To pull that off, DSP used special lighting techniques. "Then I acted the “waking up” shot on my bed matching his look and I also matched the Color changeable light  in my room to suit the yellow lighting  in my nephew's  room,  and  edited the shots together. So, it looks like its shot in the same room but is actually in two different locations. "

Looks like DSP has been enjoying exploring this new aspect of his talent, both in front of and behind the camera! He admits, "It was fun doing all this. Photography has always been my hobby and I love editing. So I
put all that together in this video. I have also done lot of photoshoots , video shoots and editing for a few industry friends who are models and actors, but all as a hobby. Photography and Editing are like stress busters for me !"

The technical part of the video has got him much appreciation from leading technicians as well. He reveals, "Getting appreciation from technical experts like directors and also our dearest Cinematographer Rathnavelu sir for this video,  really excited me !"

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