Quickview: Avalakenna Azhagiyamugam

The film revolves around 4 young boys, who have been in love but turned soup boys. When they meet by chance, 3 of them decide to undergo a road trip to re -unite the 4th youngster with the love of his life. Narrating their tales of love on a road journey with power star Srinivasan, is how the story unfolds.

The cliched romance scenes dont hold your attention though youth may relate to some of  the anecdotes in few instances.
The usual song and dance routine doesnt bring anything new to the film.
However, there are moments of humor within the romance, which lift the film and show the director's penchant for comedy.  The young actors play thier parts sincerely, bringing credibility to their roles. Directed by A Kesavan the film stars Poovarasan, Anupama, VickyAdityan, Sathya, Sabari, Nivisha, Vijay Karthick and others. Yogi Babu makes a brief appearance. 

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