Quick Review : Tolet

by Rinku Gupta
 This film, directed by Chezhiyan who has also handled the camera , story and screenplay, has already swept several international awards at major film festivals apart from a the National Award for Best Tamil Film.

As the title suggests the film is a simple tale of the issue of renting a home in a big city. The common issue faced by people across the world touches a chord. The film is about  a young couple who with thier little boy, are suddenly asked to vacate their home by the landlady.
Within a short timeframe they are forced to look for another home but the  task is far tougher than they imagined.  From food preferences to profession, community, rental rates and terrible living conditions,  they  face many a hurdle. What happens when DDay finally arrives? Do they find a home ?

The camerawork is simply superb with its subtle lighting, frames and textures. The actors Santosh Sreeram, Sheela Rajkumar, Dharun, Adhira and all  the others have given very subtle, nuanced,  realistic and convincing performances, which make you take home these characters. Thier angst and frustrations are superbly brought out . The interpersonal relationships of the couple  and thier roles as mom and dad to thier child are the highlights of the film, as are the dialogues. The child actor is a superb find and his  portions  are a sheer delight to watch.

Both, endearingly gentle and painfully realistic, the film stays with you after you long after you leave the cinema hall.

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