Quick Review: Kabhilavasthu

by Rinku Gupta

Kabhilavasthu is directed by Nesam Murali and produced by him under the Buddha Films banner.

The story mainly revolves around the lot of homeless people in cities and the hardships they face because of the lack of an address and a home to live in.
The film centres around Platform Murugan ( Nesam Murali ) who was abandoned in a public toilet at birth. As luck would have it, he gets a job as the keeper of the same public toilet. Nearby on a platform live Velankanni ( baby Ishwarya) and her grandmother apart from Nandhini ( Dayana) and other homeless people. He develops a familial bond with all of them and falls in love with Nandhini. The homeless child dreams of getting a roof over her head and works in her spare time to collect money to rent a house somehow. They even plan to all live as one family.
But try as they might to find thier dream home on rent, the goal keeps eluding them  due to lack of funds, lack of a ration card and I D proof and enemies they encounter in their lives on the platform.

What happens to them is the story. Do they fulfil thier dreams?

The director has attempted to highlight several issues faced by homeless people in an interesting  manner via the story which has love, familial sentiments and even action. From child thieves to atrocities on them by selfish people, several issues are portrayed. The kindness of strangers who try to help, is displayed in equal measure as well. There is also a message about the sad plight of  abandoned kids.

The actors have given good performances, especially the child artist Ishwarya. Meera Krishnan plays a cameo and does justice to it.

The camera ( by Viji) attempts to capture thier lives in a candid and realistic manner.

On the flip side there is a fair dose of melodrama in a few scenes. Scenes are shot in the toilet premises several times, (including romantic moments) which turn a tad repetitive.

Overall, the team has attempted to highlight a very different subject and deserves kudos for that.

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