Quick Review : Nedunalvaadai

by Rinku Gupta

Nedunalvaadai is a rural saga directed by Selvakannan and produced by B Star Productions.

The film revolves around the story of a farmer Selaiyaa (Poo Ram) who has to support his  daughter and her two kids, after she is estranged from her abusive husband. His son resents his father's decision to take her back thus, as he feels she has lowered his social standing and also may end up  getting a share of the family legacy. This resentment puts a great fear of the future and pressure on Selaiyaa whose only goal becomes raising his grandson Ilanga (Ilango) and educating him in a way that would ensure he gets a good job and is able to support his mother and  sister.

Though Ilango tries to fulfil his duties as per his grandfather's wishes, there comes an obstacle in his path, when he finds himself in love with his childhood sweetheart, Amutha (Anjali Nair).  Try as he may, he is unable to shake off the emotion. Her family is against the idea of their marriage because the boy is not well settled in life.
There comes a time when he is torn  between fulfilling his responsiblities towards his family and granddad who has sacrificed everything for him, and choosing  elopement with his true love. What path does the youngster choose? What is the price he and his grand father have to pay for his choices in life, forms the story.

The film is a must watch, with moving performances by all actors. Poo Ram is a delight to watch with his simple dialogues and nuanced expressions that will resonate with every member of the audience. Ilango as the youngster torn between love and duty has given a suitable and restrained performance that superbly displays his angst. Anjali Nair as the chirpy, feisty and desparately in love young girl is a delightful find and the mainstay of the film. The dialogues are a highlight  as is the camerawork by Vinoth Rathinasamy. The scenic natural beauty of the landscape is captivating and serves as a character in the tale, reflecting both the dreams and the hopelessness of the situation the characters find themselves in.
What is the role of duty and love in life? Do we understand and honour the sacrifices our family members make for us? How important is it to come to terms with one's life situations and move on before it is too late? Does true love liberate or make one selfish? These are some of the questions the film answers beautifully, making it a compelling watch for young and old. Watch out for the climax dialogues. Easily amongst the list of best films in recent times..

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