The climax message attracted us to this script : Sivakarthikeyan at NNOR Success meet

By Rinku Gupta
The success meet of Nenjamondu Nermayundu Odu Raja ( NNOR) was a super fun event as the team celebrated the victory of the film. The Sivakarthikeyan Production film has debut hero Rio Raj alongside debutante heroine Shirin Kanchwala. VJ Vignesh, Vivek Prasanna, Chutti Arvind and many other talents  of the web- based Black Sheep You Tubers team. The music is by Shabbir.
Hero and the film's producer Sivakrthikeyan thanked the team ,' When the audience reactions came at the theatre I saw the director and actors wiping thier eyes and getting emotional. When director Karthik's strict father got emotional and patted his hand after watching the film,  I was content that the film was a success. The reach and impact of the climax has made this film a success for us. The climax is what attracted me to this script in the first place.'
 ( click here to view Sivakarthikeyan speech)

Hero Rio Raj did some fun dance steps and regaled the audience. Music director Shabbir was thrilled with the film's success and said,' I really enjoyed working on the project and learnt a lot. After the release of NNOR within 2 days I got a big project from Telugu industry with a big banner.'
The film is a joint effort success said director Karthik Venugopalan. He shared stories of audience reactions from the public. Actor
Chutti Arvind imitated reviewer Blue Sattai Maran  popular demand and reviewed NNOR amidst claps from the team. Karthik  introduced his entire assistant director team on stage, giving them credit for thier efforts.
Hero Rio Raj and heroine Shirin Kanchwala thanked the team. 'This is the first time in India that a You Tube team has do film and a successful one,' observed a thrilled Rio Raj.

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