Bow Bow, a film for the child within us

by Rinku Gupta
London Talkies' K Natarajan Bow Bow is directed by S Pradeep Kilikar. The film is inspired by true events and has won several International awards including award for Best  International  Youth Actor for Child hero master Ahaan. The rest of the cast includes V Shiva, Tejaswy, Sathyan, Sharmila, Nanjil V Rambabu, Jane and Pulikutty.

The audio launch of the film was held amidst the cast and crew. The DOP is K Arunprasath with music by Marc D Muse and A Denis Vallaban. The movie centres around a child and a dog and 2 dog trainers K9 Baskar and Varamani have trained the dog. The dignitaries from the film industry included Abirami Ramanathan, Chitra Laxman, director Sasi, H Murali, PL Thenappan, actor Ashok and editor Mohan. The story is about the relationship between a child and his dog. It was no easy task adjusting to the moods of  child actor and the dog and the unit did a good job of it. " This is a film not just for children but also for the child within us,  " said hero Ashok. " This is a film not just to see but to sense. Such films make us recall things that we have forgotten. There is a beautiful bonding in the film.  A film which has won international awards is now coming to India in many languages. Lets welcome it.'
Director Sasi praised his former assistant S Pradip Kilikar for his choice of subject.
The director Pradip said, ' This audio function has given me lots of joy with so many film industry elders come to give thier blessings. Its the learnings from my parents that has been keeping me afloat amidst all my problems. " Speaking about ha film he said, ' We cannot live without love, care and sentiment. The film is about that.  Producer K Natrajan understood the essence  of the film and has supported us. I am really grateful to him.

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